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Karen DeWitt

Cuomo Downplays Possibility of Session on Minimum Wage

Governor Cuomo shot down rumors that he might call a special session in December on raising the minimum wage to $15.
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Otsego County Treasurer Dan Crowell says there are three main reasons for the County's $4.7 million budget shortfall.

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It is the apex of fall. And the Southern Tier shows it. WSKG's Crystal Sarakas and Entertainment Editor for the Gannett Papers Chris Kocher brainstorm ideas to get you some weekend plans.

Advanced Recovery and Recycling Company

A Syracuse company has won $100,000 in federal funding to help it reduce electronic waste.  Sitting in a garage on Shonnard Street in Syracuse is the prototype for something called a “depopulator,” which could revolutionize the way old electronics are recycled. It’s the brainchild of engineers at the Advanced Recovery and Recycling Company.

Tom Magnarelli, WRVO

A coalition of peace organizations are making a 165-mile walk from Syracuse’s Hancock Air Base to the Niagara Falls Air Base, to bring attention to the military's drone operations that take place there. One of the goals is to educate the public on what it is like being in Afghanistan, where the fear of drones is a part of life for many.


New federal rules aim to protect farm workers from the risks associated with exposure to pesticides, and advocates in New York are applauding the changes. Now, children under 18 will not be allowed to handle pesticides. Adult farm workers will have to be trained each year on how to protect themselves from the chemicals used around them. They used to be trained every 5 years.

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City, County, and Court officials announced a new court to try gun crimes. The new Gun Crimes Part intends to create a more efficient and consistent approach. New York State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran will oversee the court. He will have jurisdiction over cases where the highest count is second or third degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Karen DeWitt

Governor Cuomo shot down rumors that he might call a special session in December on raising the minimum wage to $15.

Can We Predict Vulnerability To PA's Budget Impasse?

21 hours ago
Keystone Crossroads

Foster parents, homeless shelters, families facing eviction – they all depend, to varying degrees, on programs and funding bound to the state and federal government.  County governments coordinate some of those programs and pass through the money to social service agencies that run others. At least 15 of 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties have stopped providing aid and services, or paying contractors to do so — or both — as the state budget impasse enters its fourth month, according to a report updated Monday by the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

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Thousands of people died from drug overdoses last year in Pennsylvania. But now, U.S. Senator Democrat Bob Casey is supporting the bills from fellow Democrat, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. One would increase funding for prevention and recovery services, while the other would allow doctors to treat more patients with medication to get them off painkillers or heroin

Wolf Tax Plan Voted Down By House

Oct 7, 2015
Mary Wilson

Governor Tom Wolf’s revised tax package failed a vote in the state House Wednesday, with nine members of his own party voting against it.