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Southern Tier Makes Its Pitch For Big State Money

The Southern Tier submitted its entry Monday for New York State’s contest for $500 million in economic development money.
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Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Regional Director Judith Enck is calling central New York to take action when it comes to climate change. Enck admits that taking on climate change is a big issue. But she says individuals shouldn't shy away from it.

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According to the latest federal figures, there are more than 1,200 endangered species in the United States. Scientists across the country are trying to figure out ways to keep many of these species from dropping off the face of the Earth. 


Shopping season for the Medicare Advantage plans is underway. In Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne Counties, the average premium for 2016 Medicare Advantage plans is $74 dollars, about a 10 percent increase over last year.

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Rep. John Katko (R-NY) spoke at a rally to save the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant on Monday. The owners of the plant said they may have to close it next year because it is no longer profitable with the low price of electricity. Katko said nuclear energy is clean energy and with new federal carbon emission standards, New York state can't afford to lose nuclear power plants.

City of Syracuse

Updated at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday:

American Airlines has released the name of the pilot who died during a flight from Phoenix to Boston early Monday. That flight was diverted to Syracuse after the pilot became incapacitated. 

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The U.S. has negotiated a trade deal with 11 countries that has environmentalists worried about more liquefied natural gas exports. The Trans-Pacific Partnership looks to remove trade barriers with Asia. And Asia, specifically Japan, is eager for more natural gas from the United States.

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A former prosecutor wants broader scrutiny of the porn email scandal that's already led to the early retirement of one Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice. Former U.S. Attorney Peter Vaira, who once brought the ABSCAM congressional corruption case, says prosecutors and judges shouldn't have been passing porn for many reasons. But, Philadelphia's former U.S. Attorney says he's most concerned about cozy relationships. 

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Governor Cuomo has been talking about the issue of gun violence, saying it should be a key topic in Congress and in the 2016 campaigns.

Cuomo called in to the New York City cable news channel New York One to talk about a potential hurricane, which later veered away from the East Coast. But the conversation turned to the recent mass shooting in Oregon and what to do about gun violence.

Julian Carvajal / Flickr

The Southern Tier submitted its entry Monday for New York State’s contest for $500 million in economic development money.

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Advocates for an Equal Rights Amendment gathered Sunday afternoon in Rochester. It happened across the street from the house where suffragist Susan B. Anthony lived. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was joined by the president of  the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill and Eleanor Smeal, former NOW President and co-founder of the Feminist Majority.