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ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Despite or perhaps because of the unusually wet spring and some other factors, we could see a bumper crop of blueberries and apples this year. 

Payne Horning, WRVO

SYRACUSE (WRVO) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture has extended malt barley crop insurance to 44 counties in New York state. Before, only four counties in the state had crop insurance for their malt barley -- a key ingredient in the manufacturing of beer. 

Matt Ryan / New York NOW

SYRACUSE (WRVO) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not signing a bill the New York State Legislature passed last week that would provide grants for flood victims along Lake Ontario. The $90 million program would offer money to homeowners, businesses and municipalities to help cover the cost of repairs from this year's historically high levels on Lake Ontario and other waterways in the area. 

life mental health / Flickr

(Harrisburg) -- A proposal awaiting a vote in the state Senate would give patients with terminal illnesses the "right-to-try" medications not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Supporters say the lengthy evaluation process could be keeping effective treatment from people who need it, but associations representing doctors who treat cancer oppose the measure. 

Ben Allen / WITF

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- Lawmakers in Washington are still reading through the finer details of the Senate GOP's new healthcare bill, but opponents are already warning it'll give states an impossible choice--either cut services, or spend billions more on healthcare.  

TSA Prepares For Busy Summer Travel Season

Jun 25, 2017
Alex Crichton, WXXI

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Officials from the Transportation Security Administration say they are prepared for the busy summer travel season. And they're offering some tips for flyers. Members of the TSA provided a demonstration on what's allowed, and what's not, if you're traveling by air this summer. 

Karen Shakerdge, WXXI

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - One day when Amy Plouffe was at work, she felt a sharp pain on the left side of her body. “The side of my rib cage down to my hip and my leg was very, very sore. It felt like I pulled a muscle or something,” Plouffe said from her home in Bloomfield, New York. 

Cliff Owen / AP Photo

The American Medical Association recently endorsed pilot facilities for supervised injection of drugs. It's a response to the opioid epidemic. 

Tiziana Rinaldi/PRI

Ravi Ragbir spent a big part of his morning one day last week asking people who were filing into a New York City federal building a simple question.

“What’s going on? Do you need help?”

He stood near the Worth Street entrance of the Jacob K. Javits federal office building, in lower Manhattan, where the New York field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is located. It’s the same building that may swallow Ragbir up on March 9.


ALBANY (WSKG) - Gov. Cuomo says the state legislature fell down on the job by leaving town without passing an extension of mayoral control for the New York City schools, and he has not ruled out calling them back for a special session. 


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