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Suspect In Manhattan Subway Blast Was Wearing 'Low-Tech' Device Updated at 10:38 a.m. ET New York City police say the suspect in Monday morning's explosion at a subway station tunnel near Times Square was wearing an improvised explosive device and that he suffered burns after it was detonated. Three other people sustained minor injuries. "It was an effectively low-tech device," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a news conference hours later near the site of the blast, calling the news of an explosion "very...

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Two pills to wipe out hookworm could cost you four cents. Or $400.

It just depends where you live.

The four cents is in Tanzania. That'll cover the two pills it takes to knock out the intestinal parasite. But in the United States, where hookworm has reemerged, the price for two 200 mg tablets of albendazole can cost as much as $400.

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Lyft is unveiling a new education program for drivers, offering access to discounted GED and college courses online. The move is an interesting experiment in the gig economy, where a growing class of workers receive zero benefits from a boss and yet competition for their time is fierce.

Many Lyft drivers see their work for the company as a stopgap measure, a flexible way to make money while they try to build a career.

Updated at 10:38 a.m. ET

New York City police say the suspect in Monday morning's explosion at a subway station tunnel near Times Square was wearing an improvised explosive device and that he suffered burns after it was detonated. Three other people sustained minor injuries.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will allow cinemas to open in the kingdom for the first time in decades as part of social and economic reforms undertaken by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"Commercial cinemas will be allowed to operate in the kingdom as of early 2018, for the first time in more than 35 years," the culture and information ministry announced in a statement on Monday.

It said that the government would begin issuing cinema licenses immediately and that the first movie houses would be open by March.

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According to published reports, some of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hiring practices are the subject of an FBI investigation. The Albany Times Union first reported that the FBI is looking at Cuomo’s longstanding practice of hiring employees for his office but paying them through other state agencies.

Karen DeWitt

Progressive groups opposing the federal tax overhaul plan rallied Friday at the State Capitol, chanting “kill the bill,” and saying the measure is bad for New York and the nation.

Karen Scharff with Citizen Action said Congress has its priorities backward and should reject the tax overhaul bill. She said the cost of eliminating the estate tax alone is equal to the entire price of the Child Health Plus program, which provides health insurance for poor children. Congress let Child Health Plus expire in September. In New York, 130,000 children are at risk. 

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Broome County legislators plan to vote this month on whether to accept almost three million from the state to fund an opioid treatment center.

This reverses a decision from the chairman of the legislature saying they wouldn’t vote until the new year.

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For the second time this year, a Cornell University graduate punished for sexual assault is suing the school in federal court.  He’s accusing the Title IX office of gender bias in their investigation. The cases are part of a growing trend across the country in which young men are suing universities for Title IX violations.


ROCHESTER (WXXI) - There are major gaps in special education spending in New York. A study by the New York State Association of School Business Officials found that spending in wealthier districts for special needs students was almost double the spending in more impoverished districts. 

“Special education spending in the lowest need districts is $43,635 per special education pupil while spending in the highest need districts is $25,823 per special education pupil,” wrote researchers of the study.

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ROCHESTER (WXXI) - A group that says it works to protect our air, land, water and wildlife is updating its 2016 report “Tapped Out: New York’s Clean Water in Peril, and they’re finding billions of gallons of sewage are being discharged in state waterways.  

Liz Moran is water and natural resources director for Environmental Advocates of New York.

“We’ve found that since 2013, 10,687 sewage overflow events in New York State have been reported, totaling to over 3.8 billion gallons of sewage discharged,” she said.

PA's Credit Stable, But That Might Not Last

Dec 8, 2017
Tim Lambert/WITF

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- A rating agency has deemed Pennsylvania's credit stable.

That's an improvement from several months ago, when the commonwealth received a downgrade from a different agency in the midst of an extended budget impasse. 

But it doesn't mean the fiscal woes are over.

Even though Fitch Ratings' has taken Pennsylvania off its Rating Watch Negative list, it still has a negative outlook.  

Keystone Crossroads

KEYSTONE CROSSROADS - The federal trial over Pennsylvania’s congressional district map wrapped up in a Philadelphia courtroom on Thursday with a string of stirring closing arguments before a three-judge panel. 

During four days of deliberations, a group of more than 20 Pennsylvania voters challenged the way Republican lawmakers drew the state’s congressional districts in 2011, asserting a gerrymandering scheme that violates the U.S. Constitution.


A complaint filed with the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission alleges a senior aide to Governor Tom Wolf might have illegally blurred the lines between the public’s business and her own.

StateImpact Pennsylvania first reported a year ago that Wolf aide Yesenia Bane could be running afoul of state ethics law, when a review of her 2016 daily calendar showed she was regularly involved in meetings and travel related to her husband’s natural gas industry clients.

At the time her husband, John Bane, was a lobbyist for Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney in Harrisburg. Among his clients were gas driller EQT, refiner Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and pipeline company Williams. He joined EQT full time as a senior government relations manager in late 2016.

The New York State Department of Transportation has selected an active rail yard in the town of DeWitt as the location for a central New York inland port. This comes after years of waiting for a decision on a few different sites.