Bret Jaspers

Former Managing Editor, WSKG

In addition to WSKG, Bret's reported for NPRWYPR News and WYPR's The Signal. Past production work was with WNYC’s On the MediaThe Brian Lehrer Show and Soundcheck. His 2016 story on insurance coverage for addiction treatment won a First Place AP Association award for Enterprise Reporting, as did his collaboration with Crystal Sarakas on the show The Rush: Digging Into Addiction. He won a First Place AP Association award for Best Use of Sound among upstate NY stations for his 2015 story on hospitality students in the Southern Tier. That story also received a PRNDI award. Twitter: @bretjaspers

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New York State is putting up $450,000 each to fund nine “Open Access Centers.” According to the governor’s office, it’s a way to get people connected to addiction recovery services quickly.

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Rural areas of the country need more doctors, and there's a federal program that seems to have made progress on that. But with the mountain of work that Congress has to do in September, it may fall by the wayside.

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Sarah Harding has a police radio and a bullet proof vest. She checks in with 911 dispatch as she starts her day. 

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To get more space for people to work, live, and play, the City of Ithaca is looking to the water.

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There's a lawsuit now in New York that could expand the rights of farm workers. Under state law, farm workers aren't allowed to bargain collectively, but the state Constitution may say something different.

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The Broome Developmental Center is one step closer to becoming a site for addiction treatment.  New York's Office of Addiction and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) will fund 50 beds for medically-supervised withdrawal in Building 1 of the Center, located in the Town of Dickinson. It could eventually have a hundred beds and include more services.

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Republican Congressman Tom Reed said the Trump Administration should continue to make what are known as Cost Sharing Reduction payments (CSRs). 

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The shuttered Broome Developmental Center has drawn significant community interest as a possible place for more addiction treatment and related services. But the kind of treatment facility may be a sticking point.

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Monday is the deadline for public comments on the cleanup status of the Ithaca Falls Overlook. 

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An upstate dairy co-operative will be taking over the Kraft Heinz plant in Campbell. Governor Cuomo and other state leaders announced the deal late last month. 

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Barb Emerson lives in a big, Victorian house with mauve-colored wood siding. It's in Gorham, New York, between Seneca and Canandaigua Lakes. And this week, she's taking care of her husband, Louis. He just had knee surgery.

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The American Medical Association recently endorsed pilot facilities for supervised injection of drugs. It's a response to the opioid epidemic. 

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The health care bill unveiled in the U.S. Senate today has some particular provisions that relate to New York's Medicaid program. 

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New York State is now accepting public comments on proposed health insurance rates. These are rates for plans sold on the state's exchange.

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With the House of Representatives passing a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, New York’s “Essential Plan” may be at risk. Bill Hammond, Health Policy Director at the think tank the Empire Center, joined WSKG's Bret Jaspers to explain.

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The company Crestwood has stopped its effort to expand natural gas storage under Seneca Lake. 

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When people in Tompkins County need help with withdrawal symptoms, they have to go elsewhere.

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The House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act Thursday. The count was 217 to 213. 

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Safe or supervised consumption sites are places where people addicted to drugs can use drugs under the supervision of medical staff - and without fear of arrest. They're illegal in New York, but Ithaca gained national attention last year when it proposed one.

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New York has a new plan to control the prices of prescription drugs under its Medicaid program. Medicaid is a government-funded health insurance plan for people who elderly, disabled, children or poor adults.

Here's the full audio for the WSKG News special Safe In Our Arms. Go here for individual segments.

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The technology and tools we use everyday are getting smarter - think self-driving cars and  appliances connected to the internet. Soon, personalized guns may be a way to prevent deaths. 

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Nationally, almost fifty percent of all suicides involve firearms. 

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Bill Stevens started day two of his hunter education class on a cold, Sunday morning in January at the Savona Rod & Gun Club in Steuben County. He played a video, then reviewed the tenets of what a responsible hunter would do in the field. 

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Farmers got a victory in the New York budget this year. Food banks did too. But advocates of composting and food recycling did not get the change they wanted.

Governor Cuomo had proposed a mandate that all large generators of food waste would have to donate usable food and then recycle - or compost - the rest. But that idea didn't make it across the budget finish line.

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With the passage of a New York state budget “extender,” school districts are left in limbo.

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The rotary digester is the crown jewel of Delaware County's composting facility. It's a massive pipe - 14 feet in diameter, and 180 feet long. The digester, or "bioreactor," breaks down the organic stuff before the non-recycled plastics and other contaminants are filtered out. 

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Advocates for people with disabilities in Broome County are urging people to contact their member of Congress. It’s part of a last-minute effort to prevent the House of Representatives from passing a replacement to the Affordable Care Act.

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On Wednesday, Binghamton and Southern Tier residents woke up to Day Two of a record-setting winter snowstorm.

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The City of Binghamton lifted its travel ban early this morning. At a 10:30 am press conference outside City Hall, Mayor Rich David said the main roads are clear. The city had 25 vehicles from various agencies plowing yesterday and through the night, he said. Still, it was difficult to keep up with the snowfall, even on the main thoroughfares.