Bret Jaspers

Managing Editor

Originally from Rochester, radio has brought Bret back to picturesque upstate New York. He's reported for NPRWYPR News and WYPR's The Signal. Past production work was with WNYC’s On the MediaThe Brian Lehrer Show and Soundcheck. He won a First Place Associated Press Association award in the Best Use of Sound category for upstate New York stations for his story on hospitality students in the Southern Tier. That story also received a PRNDI award. He also received an AP Special Mention as part of the team that produced WSKG's series The First Five.

Here's the full audio for the WSKG News special Safe In Our Arms. Go here for individual segments.

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The technology and tools we use everyday are getting smarter - think self-driving cars and  appliances connected to the internet. Soon, personalized guns may be a way to prevent deaths. 

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Nationally, almost fifty percent of all suicides involve firearms. 

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Bill Stevens started day two of his hunter education class on a cold, Sunday morning in January at the Savona Rod & Gun Club in Steuben County. He played a video, then reviewed the tenets of what a responsible hunter would do in the field. 

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Farmers got a victory in the New York budget this year. Food banks did too. But advocates of composting and food recycling did not get the change they wanted.

Governor Cuomo had proposed a mandate that all large generators of food waste would have to donate usable food and then recycle - or compost - the rest. But that idea didn't make it across the budget finish line.

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With the passage of a New York state budget “extender,” school districts are left in limbo.

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The rotary digester is the crown jewel of Delaware County's composting facility. It's a massive pipe - 14 feet in diameter, and 180 feet long. The digester, or "bioreactor," breaks down the organic stuff before the non-recycled plastics and other contaminants are filtered out. 

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Advocates for people with disabilities in Broome County are urging people to contact their member of Congress. It’s part of a last-minute effort to prevent the House of Representatives from passing a replacement to the Affordable Care Act.

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On Wednesday, Binghamton and Southern Tier residents woke up to Day Two of a record-setting winter snowstorm.

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The City of Binghamton lifted its travel ban early this morning. At a 10:30 am press conference outside City Hall, Mayor Rich David said the main roads are clear. The city had 25 vehicles from various agencies plowing yesterday and through the night, he said. Still, it was difficult to keep up with the snowfall, even on the main thoroughfares.