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Director of News & Public Affairs Content Development and Radio Operations & Programming

Charles Compton is a 35 year veteran of public radio who has won numerous local, regional and national awards for investigative journalism, features, and science reporting. As a student-reporter, he was at work at a public radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio when NPR introduced "Morning Edition" to the world.  He has since reported for public radio stations in Alaska, Washington State, and Idaho.  However, much of his career has been in Kentucky where he has reported at four public radio stations. In 1997, Charles helped launch Kentucky Public Radio's story exchange, and chaired the KPR Editorial Board when it established a state house bureau in 2005. He has also served as a national board member for Public Radio News Directors, Inc.

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For the last time before next week’s election, the candidates in Binghamton’s mayoral race met today for a forum.  Both men credit their opponent with good intentions and some good ideas.  Democratic candidate Tarik Abdelazim once served as the city’s Director of Planning, Housing, and Community Development.  When he served at city hall, Abdelazim says they successfully cut expenses. 

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KEYSTONE CROSSROADS - Bob Gradeck can’t stand the term “data-driven.” It might seem odd that the project director of the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center would recoil at a data-centric phrase, but Gradeck sees data as tools and not answers. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee resumes a confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee to the US Supreme Court. However, NPR and WSQX Radio will not offer live coverage.  The NPR Politics team blogged the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings. Their blog included streaming video, posts featuring highlights, context and analysis from NPR reporters and correspondents:



Oct 28, 2016

Charles Compton / WSKG News

At a campaign event Tuesday, Broome County Executive Debbie Preston announced she’ll join with Suffolk County, New York in a lawsuit against the makers of opioid painkillers. 

Charles Compton / WSKG News

The incumbent in Binghamton’s Assembly District 123 faced her Republican challenger over lunch Tuesday.  Democrat Donna Lupardo and the GOP’s Dorollo Nixon met in a candidates forum hosted Tuesday by the Binghamton Rotary Club.  

Charles Compton

With American Airlines pulling out of the Binghamton and Elmira airports, both candidates in the 52nd state senate district say it might be time to consider a single regional airport.  Small airports currently serve Ithaca, Elmira and Binghamton.  Incumbent Republican Fred Akshar says combining such airports into a larger facility is worth consideration.

Charles Compton

At a a candidates’ forum hosted today by the Binghamton Rotary Club, the spotlight was on the 52nd New York State Senate District. Incumbent Republican Fred Ackshar faces a challenge from Democrat Sharon Ball.  Both contenders were present.

Charles Compton

By admitting Syria’s war refugees into the United States, many Americans worry the country would also admit terrorists. But, the Democratic candidate in the New York’s 22nd Congressional district says they must be given sanctuary. By turning away refugees from Syria’s Civil War, Kim Myers worries the US could send them to their deaths.

Charles Compton

Jobs, Syrian Refugees and the presidential election were addressed Tuesday in a candidates' forum hosted by the Binghamton Rotary. Republican Claudia Tenney, Democrat Kim Myers and Independent Martin Babinec exchanged viewpoints during the lunch hour.  


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave the keynote address Thursday at the annual Shale Insight conference in downtown Pittsburgh, hosted by the gas trade group, the Marcellus Shale Coalition. 

In 2016, WSKG News continues to provide the in-depth elections coverage and analysis that listeners expect on the issues, debates and campaigns. In the weeks leading up to the November 8 general election, a series of debates involving candidates in local, state and national races have aired on WSKG Public Media. Here's a comprehensive list of our candidate debates and forums, including links so you can still watch them online:

NY 22nd Congressional District, Campbell Conversations with Kim Myers and Claudia Tenney

1st Presidential Debate, PBS NewsHour

Vice Presidential Debate, PBS NewsHour

NY 22nd Congressional District, Binghamton Rotary Forum

2nd Presidential Debate, PBS NewsHour

NY 19th Congressional District, New York Now   

NY SEN District 52, Binghamton Rotary Forum

As the popularity of its news/talk programming grows, more people are trying out WSQX.  For example, the number of folks listening-in via our website has nearly doubled this year.  Plus, increasingly we hear from frustrated listeners in Elmira, Oneonta and even Ithaca who want access to WSQX.

In response to listener requests, we’re adding a couple of favorite news/talk programs to our evening line-up on WSQX.  Starting Monday August 29, another hour of All Things Considered can be heard weekdays at 6:00 pm.  Plus, Fresh Air will also be found on WSQX, starting at 4:00 pm.  

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Jul 13, 2016

Bret Jaspers / WSKG News

Notice a new voice on WSKG's "Morning Edition"? Please welcome Gabe Altieri. A highly recommended Syracuse University graduate, the Upstate New Yorker comes to WSKG after beginning his broadcast career in Nebraska.

Gabe, who also has a love of sports and politics, once worked as a student announcer for the Binghamton Mets. Longtime ME host Monica Sandreczki, who remains with WSKG, is launching our new Socioeconomic Desk.

NPR News, WNYC and WSKG are offering news specials for major contests of the Election 2016 nominating process in March and April 2016:

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger, who co-chairs the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, described their plans for spending $500 million dollars in state aid. He spoke during a luncheon Wednesday sponsored by the Binghamton University Forum. He was introduced by WSKG's Brian Sickora.    


Charles Compton / WSKG News

In a special election Tuesday, the GOP in New York’s Southern Tier maintained its fifty year hold on the 52nd Senate District. 

Charles Compton / WSKG News

Rather than pay the same minimum wage statewide, the Democratic candidate in the 52nd Senate District says pay scales should be set by regions.

Andy Pioch / WSKG News

It’s called the most important race this fall in New York State.  Both candidates in the Southern Tier’s 52nd Senate District debated Thursday evening, October 29th on WSKG T-V and Radio.  Organized by the League of Women Voters of Broome and Tioga Counties, Barbara Fiala (D) and Fred Akshar (R) took questions from voters, which included negative campaigning, Common Core education standards, legislative ethics and a proposed increase in the minimum wage.  

Charles Compton / WSKG News

Neither candidate in the race for District Attorney in Broome County says he would aggressively prosecute violations of New York’s Safe Act.

On August 18, 2015, educators, community leaders, researchers and the general public participated in the ‘Early Learning and the Bottom Line Summit.’

The summit, which was conducted at the WSKG Studios in Vestal, NY, addressed the economic impacts of early childhood education. What is our community doing to create sustainable solutions that support families?  How can we strengthen our region by preparing children for success in education and career?

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Early Lessons: The Perry Pre-School Project

"Early Lessons" takes us back to the 1960s to tell the story of a landmark experiment that helped launch the preschool movement. Fifty years later, researchers are still learning powerful lessons for today’s youngest students.  

A report aired by WSKG News last Friday morning attracted a lot of angry comment over the weekend. Reporter Bret Jaspers recapped a federal hearing conducted in Oneonta over the proposed NED Natural Gas Pipeline.

You can see the story and some of the resulting comments at:…/oneonta-residents-split-ned-pipeline-….

  A statewide system designed to alert and inform New Yorkers during weather and human-made disasters has been tested and created by WSKG Public Media and the Office of Emergency Services in Binghamton.

With the launch of the Public Media Emergency Direct Link (EDL), public officials and emergency response coordinators can now use public media stations across New York State to speak directly, via radio and television, to communities with real-time, local emergency information.

Late every weekday morning, listeners can join a compelling, fast moving conversation about today’s events.  NPR’s On Point airs on WSQX at 11:00 am.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Tom Ashbrook, On Point is broadcast across the country on NPR. The show’s lively conversation covers everything from breaking news to ancient poetry, and features writers, politicians, journalists, artists, scientists and ordinary citizens from around the world.

Both the State of the Union and New York's State of the State addresses will be carried by WSKG Radio and Television. Coverage from NPR and PBS begins next Tuesday at 9:00 pm when President Obama addresses Congress. Then Wednesday afternoon (1:30 pm on TV and 2:00 pm on radio), WSKG broadcasts the State of the State Address.   You can also tune in Wednesday at 7:00 pm for a radio rebroadcast of Governor Cuomo's annual speech.