Crystal Sarakas

Radio Host/Producer, Artists' Cafe

Crystal is a native Texan who has now lived in the Southern Tier for 17 years. So, you might still hear a bit of twang.  She joined the staff of WSKG in 1998. Over the years, Crystal has produced numerous programs and served as the host of All Things Considered and Community Conversation. Crystal has received several Associated Press awards for her interviews. This year, Crystal was honored by the nation's Public Radio News Directors (PRNDI) for an interview with a D-Day veteran on the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.  In 2009, WSKG and Community Conversation was awarded a "My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement" from the Corporation for the Public Broadcasting.

If berries had a popularity contest, chances are the strawberry would be the winner. And there’s no better place to celebrate its popularity than at the 37th annual Strawberry Festival in Owego. 

Here's the full audio for the WSKG News special Safe In Our Arms. Go here for individual segments.

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The technology and tools we use everyday are getting smarter - think self-driving cars and  appliances connected to the internet. Soon, personalized guns may be a way to prevent deaths. 

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Nationally, almost fifty percent of all suicides involve firearms. 

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What happens to your brain on drugs? 

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Hot off the presses - here is the full audio for the WSKG News special The Rush: Digging Into Addiction.

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Tracy Helton Mitchell is a recovering heroin addict. She’s also the author of the book The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin and has been featured in the New York Times and on Fresh Air

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You probably heard about the supervised injection site Ithaca proposed last winter; a place where people could inject heroin more safely. Vancouver, British Columbia has had supervised injection since 2003, although it remains a political hot potato. 

 Crystal Sarakas spoke to John Barry of the Southern Tier AIDS Program. STAP had a  handing in creating the Ithaca Plan. She also spoke to New York State Senator Tom O’Mara, who has opposed the supervised injection site. The group started their conversation (audio below) after listening to a piece from the Vancouver site (you can hear that story if you click here).