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BUFFALO (WBFO) - The emerald ash borer is becoming an issue for Cattaraugus County. The invasive species is a major problem for a portion of the 2,000 acres of county forest." 

The ash trees are going to disappear," said County Legislator Joe Snyder, who also works as a lumber buyer in the Southern Tier timber industry.

"So far, this borer has not changed species. It's specific to ash trees. It hasn't jumped to to the maples or the oaks or anything like that."

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(WBFO) It may sound like a Broadway musical, but New York State voters this November get to decide whether to stage a "Con Con" that could have a much greater impact. 

BUFFALO (WBFO) - It is now an international incident - and soon to be a possible criminal investigation. Canada and the Niagara County Legislature are calling for further investigation into the sewage dumped into the Niagara River over the weekend.  

Mike Desmond

(WBFO) At least one person in the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts did not agree Monday when Governor Cuomo's State of the State message included a full-throated pitch for ridesharing, like Uber and Lyft.  Todd Vaarwerk, director of advocacy and public policy for the Western New York Independent Living Center, does not agree with the pitch, saying ridesharing companies do not allow access for people like him, the state's disabled community.

As Buffalo students enter the third year of the Say Yes to Education program, a UB researcher is learning about students and the college application process.

Around half of Buffalo's public schools are open after the regular school day and there's a push to open them all.

It took just under two years and $48 million to turn an open field in the curl of the end ramp of the Kensington Expressway into the new headquarters for Catholic Health System.

The theme for the evening was "Save Our Sons." The event attracted a crowd looking for ways to deal with murders of young black men in Buffalo.

When a five-year-old special education student at School 82 put on his coat and backpack and left school, no one noticed until he was found wandering by a police officer. Officials are moving to prevent such situations from occurring again.

With the gubernatorial election little more than a month away, Republican Rob Astorino continues on the campaign trail. His Tuesday night fundraiser at Buffalo's Ellicott Square Building featured Texas Governor and probable presidential candidate Rick Perry.

Chautauqua County has been given the designation as a high-intensity drug trafficking area, a label that could actually be helpful in the fight against drugs.

Lancaster school students are grieving the death of one of their own in a Saturday morning plane crash.

Two planes collided in mid-air Saturday morning. Two passengers who were on one of the planes are dead. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board say there are a lot of other things that are still unknown and might not be known for more than a year.

An Erie County Legislature committee delayed action yesterday on barring a Town of Tonawanda funeral home incinerator from ever starting up again.

An expert on modern wars says the situation in the Middle East is so tangled because there are so many players and so many interests. Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution spoke Wednesday at Canisius College.