Monica Sandreczki

Socioeconomic Reporter, Host

Monica Sandreczki heads up the socioeconomic desk at WSKG, covering stories about how social structures affect people who don't earn much money. Before that, she hosted Morning Edition at the station for two and a half years.

Monica got her start in radio on the news magazine KC Currents at KCUR Public Radio and the literary radio show, New Letters on the Air, both based in Kansas City.

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Sunday was Oneonta's first pride festival. It took on special significance one year after a gunman killed dozens of people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Participants read the names of everyone killed, stood silent for a moment, and hung up a white banner, according to organizer Elayne Mosher Campoli.

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Stacy Richards lives on Binghamton's north side. She's ecstatic about the shuttle service. No need to rely on the bus to get to the store anymore.

“No two bag rule, none of that. No standing in 90 degree heat. No standing in sub-zero temperatures. No hour-long bus rides and no $30 cab rides,” said Richards.

This part of the city’s lacked a grocery store for a couple of decades.

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In the back room of Cordisco’s Corner Store and redemption center on the north side of Binghamton, plastic bags of soda cans and bottles are stacked to the ceiling, but they’ll have to wait to be recycled.

Right now, there's a chess tournament.

"Inside, they're going 100 miles an hour"

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Workers at the Kraft-Heinz factory in Steuben County can keep their jobs a little longer. Kraft was going to start shutting down on May 26 if they couldn’t find a buyer, but there's some interest.

It’s not publicly known who the interested buyers are, but a spokesman with Kraft, Michael Mullen, said they’re optimistic they’ll reach a deal by the end of the summer.

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It's hard to beat a relaxing day at the park. They're opening for the summer in Chenango and Chemung Counties.

At Dorchester Park in Broome County, Matthew Francis Gawors, Director of Parks, Recreation & Youth Services, is preparing for his first summer heading the department.

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The Tompkins County Jail has been overcrowded for years; New York State says the county needs to deal with it.

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Kevin Carey is resigning from his position as administrator for Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, a public service that's become a source of tension in Broome County.

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For people who are on Medicaid, the government pays for their ride to the doctor, but not to pick up their prescription.

So, Mobility Management of South Central New York (MMSCNY) is providing vouchers for a free ride. It's the transportation arm of the Rural Health Network.

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Fire stations in Broome and Tioga Counties are handing out dry ice and water to folks who still don’t have power after the thunderstorm Monday. NYSEG provides the supplies.

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The no. 10 bus that runs from Elmira to Owego used to drive past Tioga Downs, but now it stops there six times a day. It's called the "Tioga Downs" line on the bus website. Chemung County added the stops to help people who work at the casino.

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At the Binghamton City Court Monday morning, former Broome County Executive Debbie Preston pleaded guilty to charges of “official misconduct.”

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Many drinking water systems in New York State are “past their useful life.” That’s how the state comptroller puts it. But they’re expensive to replace.

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At about 8:15 Monday morning, former Broome County Executive Debbie Preston turned herself in to the New York State police barracks in Kirkwood, NY.

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A high-tech business incubator. Rural high speed internet. Flood mitigation. A wide range of major infrastructure projects in our area are funded through the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).

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Ninety-six percent of New Yorkers say, "in our state, no one should go hungry," according to a new poll released from Siena College today.

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Contingent faculty at Ithaca College and the administration have reached a contract agreement after months of negotiations. Contingent faculty are non-tenure track faculty. Both faculty and the administration said they're generally pleased with the agreement.

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In final negotiations yesterday, the Ithaca College administration agreed to all the demands of the non-tenure track faculty union

"The union just literally won on everything," said Chris Machanoff, Organizing Director with SEIU Local 200United, in an email.

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Jewish Community Centers in the Southern Tier are seeking solidarity with Islamic groups. The move comes after several bomb threats to centers in upstate New York.

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“This is worse than the blizzard of ‘93!” That was the sentiment of Mark Florance as he made the 15 mile journey from Endwell to Kirkwood on Tuesday.

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College can feel isolating for anyone, but for someone in a new country, that feeling is amplified. In the midst of that feeling of loneliness, Nobel Htoo has her eyes set on returning to refugee camps in Thailand and her village in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

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When refugees resettle in a new country, they often deal with tension between new cultural values and traditional ones. For Joh June See Na, grappling with these values is "overwhelming," including the differences in how women are expected to interact with men.

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Many downtowns in the Southern Tier are food deserts, according to the USDA.

Downtown Hornell and Binghamton don’t have a major grocery store nearby. City leaders in Oneonta have considered enticing a grocery store to their city center.

However, it's not likely to happen for a few reasons, said Susan Bradbury, community planning professor at Iowa State University.

First, the markup on the food stores sell is slim. That means they need a few acres of ground space to make money.

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Some Oneonta residents are worried about using state economic development money to construct new buildings instead of renovating existing ones.


It could cost billions more than the governor budgeted for to repair and re-do New York’s water systems, according a report from the state comptroller.

Water mains and pipes in New York are old. Many poor towns can’t afford to upgrade them, so State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says, they often postpone or cancel projects.

To help pay for the upgrades, Governor Cuomo devoted $2 billion to it in his budget proposal. / Flickr

There’s a lot of talk about sanctuary cities and counties, even restaurants. "Sanctuary" status is difficult to define. WSKG's Sarah Gager and Monica Sandreczki talked about what the term means and how some governments in the Southern Tier are defining it for themselves.

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Governor Cuomo stopped in Binghamton today on his statewide campaign promoting his budget proposals, including an extension of the so-called “millionaires' tax.”

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Tompkins County Legislator Anna Kelles is writing a resolution to make the county a “sanctuary county."

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BINGHAMTON (WSKG) -- Broome County is putting more money and manpower into prosecuting welfare fraud.

Democratic County Executive Jason Garnar and District Attorney Steve Cornwell, a Republican, held a joint press conference Tuesday to announce they're devoting an assistant district attorney to prosecuting welfare fraud cases.

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ONEONTA  (WSKG) - Oneonta is trying to revitalize its downtown. They’re using state money to do it. Community leaders and residents are figuring out what makes Oneonta, Oneonta.

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The Tompkins County Sheriff's Department is in the middle of two big studies: whether to expand the jail and whether to merge with the Ithaca Police Department. WSKG talked with Sheriff Ken Lansing about both.