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Sarah brings an extensive background in radio to WSKG. Her voice is commonly heard throughout the day, especially when she serves as host during All Things Considered. Sarah has also recorded numerous interviews with an array of artists from across WSKG’s 21-county coverage area. Sarah earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Binghamton University.  She also worked for the university-owned radio station WHRW as Alumni Relations Director, Public Affairs Director, Alternative Media Director and Engineer. Sarah served as WSKG’s Public Affairs Intern while at Binghamton University.

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Manufacturing will return to the vacant IBM site in Endicott. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that lithium ion batteries will be made on the Huron Campus.  

 Joining in the consortium of three companies locating in Endicott is C4V. When New York held its first ever 76West Clean Energy Competition, C4V’s new battery storage technology earned a $500,000 prize. 

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Consultants have recommended closing Willow Point Nursing Home in Vestal, New York, but now it’s close to having another permanent director.

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The Binghamton area is often associated with the letters "IBM" but what about "KKK"? In the 1920s, Binghamton was the New York State headquarters for the Ku Klux Klan. While a student at Binghamton University, Jay Rubin began researching the topic. He wrote the book The Forgotten Kapital: The KKK in Binghamton 1923-1928He spoke with WSKG's Sarah Gager.

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Sarah Gager / WSKG News



Giant Hogweed is an invasive plant that can be dangerous to your health and the environment. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has a hotline to call if you think you see the plant. The state even has a Giant Hogweed Control Crew.

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Ride-hailing apps are authorized to operate in upstate New York starting today. Apps like Lyft and Uber had been bound to the New York City area until now.

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The House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act Thursday. The count was 217 to 213. 

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New York Senator Chuck Schumer said President Trump’s order for a strike against a Syrian airfield was an appropriate response to that country's use of chemical weapons. But he said he’s leery about a one-time strike becoming something more long-term.


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New Yorkers making less than $64,000 a year can receive free help filing taxes electronically. The state tax department is holding some day-long events where trained assistants help people file online.

James Gazzale, a spokesperson for the New York State Tax Department, said 92 percent of residents file electronically, and this program offers help navigating the state’s website.

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A vote for the heath care bill meant to replace Obamacare was canceled Friday. Republican Congressman Tom Reed represents NewYork's 23rd district which includes Ithaca and Corning. He supported the American Health Care Act. He spoke to NPR's Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday.  

Mercy House Turns One

Mar 8, 2017
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A year ago, Mercy House in Endicott opened its doors to terminally ill patients of the Southern Tier. Since the former St. Casimir’s Church was converted into Mercy House, over a hundred people have called it home.

The latest internet sensation, April the Giraffe, is expecting a calf. It will be her fourth. 

The 15-year old giraffe is drawing a lot of attention to the Animal Adventure Zoo in Harpursville, NY.

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Hundreds of thousands of people are headed to D.C. for the inauguration and for the Women’s March on Washington. WSKG caught up with one group in the Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania as they prepared for the voyage. 

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Binghamton City School District’s superintendent was dismissed last March. There have been a couple of interim superintendents since then, but now the district is searching for a more permanent leader. David Hawley is the president of the Binghamton School Board. He spoke with WSKG's Sarah Gager about the search, which he says will conclude with a selection in the Spring.

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Lawmakers returned to Albany for the 2017 legislative session. Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo represents the 123rd district, which includes the city of Binghamton and the towns of Vestal and Union. She joined us to discuss the session and her new role as Chair of the Committee on Aging.

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Memories come back to us through emotional experiences.

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For decades, free and reduced priced school meals have been a source of healthy food for low-income kids. Last school year, over a million New York children qualified for free or reduced meals. WSKG's Sarah Gager and Gabe Altieri discuss a bill currently in Congress that could change how schools feed students. It’s a bill that reauthorizes the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.


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Broome County has a new executive. Democrat Jason Garnar beat incumbent Republican Debbie Preston by almost a thousand votes, but Republicans still won a majority of the county’s legislative seats. 

Garnar said party collaboration is key in addressing the issues affecting the county. 

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Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers lack what the FCC considers "broadband speed" internet.

Ira Block

Earlier this year, President Obama stopped by Cuba’s largest baseball stadium on his historic visit to Havana. Being that he was the first US president to visit in over eight decades, the event was a landmark for “baseball diplomacy” and made many wonder how the sport could bond the two nations.

  This election cycle has revealed America's discontent with government, and, increasingly, winning primary elections means candidates must creep further away from center, appealing to voters on the extremes. 

For Binghamton University's TIER Talks: Our Political System on Life Support, we explore the health of our political system through a series of lectures.

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Binghamton’s drinking water is below the EPA’s lead and copper action level.

Mayor Rich David made the announcement Thursday, saying the city has taken steps to exceed the federal government’s requirements by investing in infrastructure and service lines.

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Troubles with water quality have raised concerns over contamination across the country. Just last month, nine drinking sources in Ithaca came back with high lead levels. 

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The Binghamton Senators held a press conference on Wednesday to address rumors about the future of hockey in Broome County. The Ottawa Citizen, a Canadian newspaper, reported last Friday that the team is leaving for Belleville, Ontario. WSKG's Sarah Gager and Gabe Altieri talk about what we know.

Fat Cat Comics Turns 40

Jul 11, 2016
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Twenty years ago, Lin and Brian Sean Perry took their wedding photo in front of their family’s comic book store in Johnson City. Both the Perrys and the store marked their anniversaries last week.


In a celebration at the store on Saturday, the Perrys showed off the photo. In it, the whole wedding party is in dresses and tuxedos, posed below bold print that reads Fat Cat Comics. 

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Many books and movies have been written about Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and his valiant success at Little Roundtop, but very little has been said about the right end the line where Colonel Ireland was with his regiment. Today, they’re getting a little time in the sun.


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Sometimes a thing’s value is in its story rather than the thing itself. That might be the case for a remarkable painting now at Binghamton University. 

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To have a say in the upcoming Congressional primaries, New Yorkers will need to register to vote by Friday. That won’t help all voters.

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People seeking bereavement counseling in the Southern Tier now have another option.

Lourdes Hospice was already offering bereavement counseling, but had no space dedicated to it. Most of the employees were out in the field, and places to meet clients became harder to find.

In the new Vestal facility, Lourdes has space for group counseling, family sessions, and has a playroom for children who are grieving. The room allows a lot of natural light to shine down on a small white table where kids can draw.



Though Hillary Clinton won the New York Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders saw overwhelming support in the Southern Tier.