Binghamton mayor calls for gun control reform

Jan 8, 2013

Binghamton city and Broome County officials hosted a press conference today marking the second anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona. The purpose of the event was to express support for actions proposed by the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan is a member of the organization, which is co-chaired by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He said, in light of events in recent years, including the shootings at the Binghamton American Civic Association in 2009 and in Newtown, Connecticut last month, the time for reform is now.

“Today I stand with our local law enforcement leaders and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, more than 750 mayors, to call for common sense federal action that will stop the gun violence plaguing our nation. And today we demand a plan.”

The plan calls for three things: requiring background checks for all guns; banning military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines; and making gun trafficking a federal crime.

Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen also spoke and called for a reasonable discussion on gun control, which he says the U.S. Constitution does not preclude.

“The second amendment says you can’t absolutely say no one can have a gun in their home. But you can reasonably regulate what people can posses and how they can use it.”

Mayors Against Illegal Guns formed in 2006, and Mayor Ryan joined the group in 2010.