Community Conversation: A Public Discussion On Child Care And Pre-K

Mar 26, 2015

Credit Flickr Commons

Serving as a child care provider or as a Pre-Kindergarten instructor is demanding work.   They must satisfy parental and state expectations, endure long hours and cope with low pay.  Why do it? On April 15, WSKG’s Community Conversation explored the demands placed on educators, caregivers and their managers.

The public forum was broadcast at 7:00p.m. on WSKG Radio on April 15th and rebroadcast at 11:00a.m. Thursday morning April 16th on WSQX.  This spring, through a series of special reports and Community Conversation broadcasts, WSKG is exploring our region’s child care and early childhood education systems, and the challenges parents face in finding quality care for their children.

Here is audio of the show: 

Listen to our show about parents and child care here

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