Dozens Protest At Border Patrol Offices After Geneseo Incident

Mar 24, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - There are reports that at least two protesters were arrested after a demonstration outside the U.S. Border Patrol offices in Irondequoit overnight. Media reports say that a mother and several children were initially taken into custody in Geneseo, and that the children were later released.

An advocacy organization called the Worker Justice Center of NY says that police had called the border patrol after a routine traffic stop.

Protesters told Spectrum News that  several women and six children were on their way to church in Geneseo when they were taken into custody and brought to the border patrol facility.

Dozens of protesters rallied from Thursday night into early Friday morning.

The Worker Justice Center had already planned a rally for 5pm Friday at the Federal Building in Rochester to protest the detention of five local farmworkers, and organizers are expected to bring up the Geneseo incident at Friday’s rally.