Ethics Reform And Early Voting In New York Still Unsettled

Apr 17, 2017

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).
Credit diana_robinson / Flickr

Ethics reforms and changes designed to make it easier to vote in New York were left out of the new state budget but could resurface when lawmakers return from spring break. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed some tighter ethics rules as well as early voting and easier voter registration.

Barbara Bartoletti is legislative director of the League of Women Voters in New York. On the public radio show Capitol Pressroom, Bartoletti said she's disappointed voter reforms did not make it into the final budget.

"Voting reform impacts everyone," Bartoletti said. "It makes this more of a democracy and gets people more involved in the governing process." It's far from certain whether legislators will take up ethics and voter reform following their two-week break. The legislative session continues through June.