Hanna: Trump 'Unfit' To Be President, Says He'll Vote For Clinton

Aug 2, 2016

Rep. Richard Hanna (R) is retiring after his term finishes this year.
Credit Bret Jaspers / WSKG News

Rep. Richard Hanna (R-Barneveld) Tuesday became the first Republican member of Congress to say he will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton for president in November.

In an op-ed for syracuse.com, Hanna said that Republican nominee Donald Trump is "flawed in many ways" and says Trump is "unrepentant in all things." Hanna, in an interview with  syracuse.com, said it was Trump's war of words with the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq that solidified his support for Clinton, and prompted him to write the opinion piece. 

In his latest foray of insults, Mr. Trump has attacked the parents of a slain U.S. soldier. Where do we draw the line? I thought it would have been when he alleged that U.S. Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because he was caught. Or the countless other insults he's proudly lobbed from behind the Republican presidential podium. For me, it is not enough to simply denounce his comments: He is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country.

Hanna declined an interview with WRVO News, but has said previously that he would not support Trump.

"A lot of people are just looking for an outlet to react to their -- I think rightful -- disdain, disgust with government," Hanna told WRVO in July. "But electing someone who's not competent to do the job is the opposite of what I think people should be doing." 

Hanna, who represents New York's 22nd Congressional District, which covers parts of eight counties in central New York and the Southern Tier, announced late last year that he would not see reelection and will retire at the end of this year.