New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Don't Fix Poor Access In New York State

Aug 6, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Despite the growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries opening in New York State, some consumers are still having trouble accessing the product. 

Credit Spiritual Enlightenment / Flickr

Holly Anderson is the Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and said many individuals she works with say even with access to a list of prescribing doctors in the area from the Department of Health, it’s nearly impossible to find one.

"Many of the physicians and those that are able to prescribe can opt out of being listed. Obviously they don’t want to be inundated with phone calls from people that are not their patients."

Anderson says some patients end up sharing doctors' names by word of mouth.

The Coalition fought fiercely for this legislation, but it’s not without its flaws Anderson says, including high costs.

"Many patients who do not want to be on the record are continuing to access marijuana through illegal means rather than pay what they consider extraordinary costs."

She hopes better documentation and a better website with a comprehensive list of prescribing doctors will soon help overcome some of these barriers.