NY Budget: Farm To Food Bank Tax Credit In; Composting Mandate Out

Apr 11, 2017

Credit muffet / Flickr

Farmers got a victory in the New York budget this year. Food banks did too. But advocates of composting and food recycling did not get the change they wanted.

Governor Cuomo had proposed a mandate that all large generators of food waste would have to donate usable food and then recycle - or compost - the rest. But that idea didn't make it across the budget finish line.

The Department of Environmental Conservation did not grant an interview but sent this statement: 

Although the Food Recovery and Recycling Act was not included in the budget agreement, the enacted budget includes an ‎additional $2 million for local governments to support expanded food donation and food recycling. DEC will continue to pursue opportunities to recycle more food and divert more food waste from landfills.

 The trade magazine Waste DIVE has more details here.

A big win for farmers and the anti-hunger community came with the passage of a tax credit for farmers who donate to food pantries. The credit maxes out at 5-thousand dollars a year, starting with 2018 taxes. Governor Cuomo had vetoed the credit last year.