PA's Lt Governor Apologizes For Using Harsh Words With Staff

Apr 13, 2017

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack has found himself under investigation by the state Inspector General's office, after allegations he and his wife, Tonya, mistreated their staff and police detail. 

Without getting specific, Stack apologized for speaking harshly to staff members and his security detail.
Credit Katie Meyer

A few days after the investigation came to light, the Democrat held a press conference to apologize, though he didn't offer many details

The former state Senator from Philadelphia wouldn't specify what incident he was apologizing over, and stayed vague even when asked about specific allegations--like claims the couple demanded, inappropriately, that the officers in their detail use lights and sirens when they're in a hurry.

"If I ever gave that impression, or I said something where, like I said we've got to get there, hurry it up, or something like that, I apologize for that because that's wrong," Stack said.

He repeatedly told reporters he's human and capable of having what he called a "Stack moment."

"I have said things in anger or stress that I wish I hadn't said, and that I wish I could pull back, but I couldn't," he said. "You know what? I can do better."

Governor Tom Wolf ordered the investigation but has so far declined to comment, saying only that he hasn't received Inspector General Bruce Beemer's report yet.

Beemer's office also declined to comment.

Stack said he "doesn't want to analyze" Wolf's rationale for having him investigated, and said he hasn't spoken to the governor about the probe or had contact with him in about two weeks.