Schumer Agrees With Syria Strike, But Wary About Anything Long Term

Apr 12, 2017


Senator Chuck Schumer at a press conference in Binghamton, NY
Credit Sarah Gager / WSKG News

New York Senator Chuck Schumer said President Trump’s order for a strike against a Syrian airfield was an appropriate response to that country's use of chemical weapons. But he said he’s leery about a one-time strike becoming something more long-term.


"Using the Tomahawk missiles and the drones to go after ISIS has been a good thing," Schumer explained. "Troops on the ground...not."

Schumer was in Binghamton on Wednesday. He said he believes neither Democrats nor Republicans are interested in escalating the situation, and that the president should come to the Senate with a plan before ordering more strikes. 

When asked how he might vote if that were to happen, Schumer said he’d have to see what the plan is.

"I'd have to see what he said, but my strong inclination is to not do it. To keep the money here," said Schumer. That is, the money that would go to any broader effort in Syria. Schumer added it would be better spent on roads, schools, and police here in the U.S.