Siena Poll Shows Strong Support For Several Cuomo Proposals

Jan 31, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - A new Siena College poll shows generally strong support for a number of Governor Cuomo’s State of the State and budget proposals. 

The most popular proposals with New Yorkers in this survey are a $2 billion infrastructure fund , giving preference to American-made goods when the state is making purchases, allowing ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft to operate across the state, and extending the millionaire’s tax.

Cuomo’s favorability rating in this survey was virtually unchanged from December, with 56 percent of  New Yorkers having a favorable view of the governor, versus 37 percent who do not.

And the State Senate and Assembly saw their favorability ratings rise to their best level ever.

The favorability ratings for President Donald Trump were negative, not surprising in a state with heavy Democratic party registration. The Siena Poll shows Trump with 37 percent of New Yorkers giving him a favorable rating, and 55 percent unfavorable.

The one area where a majority of  Democrats polled favor a proposal from the new president is Trump's discussion of improving the infrastructure, including roads and bridges.