State Education Commissioner Addresses New York's Educators, Administrators

Jul 14, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - New York's Education Commissioner told a gathering of school, district, and BOCES administrators that while the state has made progress in areas like curriculum and assessments, much more work remains to be done. 

Credit Alex Crichton, WXXI

MaryEllen Elia recapped some of the accomplishments of the state education department during her two-year tenure.

That includes a plan under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA.

"We've been working for over a year and a half, over 140 meetings across the state, met with many, many groups of people, got a lot of feedback and input.  It's been out for comment, and we're just about getting ready to close it up," she said.

Elia says changes implemented from the education department have been occurring in a slow, methodical manner the past two years.

"Standardized tests, we're changing the standards themselves.  We'll be developing over the next two, three years new assessments to match the new standards, with our teachers.  We done a lot of shifts," she said.

Elia says there are some very successful schools in this area that have done some great work, and it's important to identify the models that have been successful and duplicate them.

During her address to various school administrators and teachers, Elia told them they should be doing the things they need to do to get their students to meet the standards.