Wet, Cold Spring Could Delay Planting, Harvest

May 5, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - The wet spring, combined with cold temperatures, may mean a delayed planting for many farmers in the region. 


Horticulturist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Walt Nelson, says farmers need very well drained soil in these kinds of conditions...

"You've got to "prevent plant" because it's just too wet to get on there.  You get on there with equipment with wet soil you destroy the soil structure, so that's why they'll stay off in the wet weather," he said. 

"Prevent plant" means the weather prevents farmers from planting.

And with cooler temperatures expected, there won't be as much evaporation.

He expects the weather conditions will result in a delay of a week and a half or so for some crops.

On the positive side, Nelson says the cooler weather will delay the arrival of pests, too.

"That's a plus that we haven't had to maybe spray as much because they're delayed.  But they, too will start to develop as the warmer weather arrives," he said.

Nelson says if farmers can't do some field work because of the conditions, it would be an ideal time for them to make sure their farm equipment is in good shape when the weather finally breaks.