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ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A New York Indian tribe is expanding its gambling business with a "Wizard of Oz"-themed casino in a strip mall near Syracuse.

The Oneida Indians' Yellow Brick Road Casino opens Tuesday in Chittenango. The new casino has 441 slot machines and a 500-seat bingo hall. It's much smaller than the Oneida's sprawling Turning Stone Resort Casino some 20 miles east, which has 2,000 slots and table games.

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AUBURN, N.Y. (AP) - Utility crews have found the source of a gas leak that caused an explosion in downtown Auburn and are making repairs.
New York State Gas and Electric spokesman Clayton Ellis tells the Auburn Citizen that crews have been venting natural gas from the location and plan to finish repairs on Monday.

CORTLAND, N.Y. (AP) — Officials in the central New York community that has hosted the New York Jets' training camp hope the franchise's turmoil doesn't have a costly ripple effect. Since 2009, the Jets have held five training camps at SUNY Cortland, attracting tens of thousands of fans and pumping millions of dollars into the local economy.

With the firing Monday of head coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik, it's not known yet if the team will return for a sixth time this July. Ryan was a big proponent of the team's annual trek to upstate New York.

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A student holds a stack of laminated cards, each with a picture of a household item. She works her way through the cards, identifying each picture in Oneida. The Oneida language is being taught the old fashioned way in a community room on nation territory. Flashcards for repetition and nearly every item in the room is labeled with its name in Oneida.

Like many Native American vocabularies, The Oneida Indian language is on the brink of extinction. This is one of two fulltime adult language courses the nation is running. But the room is not full. Attendance has dropped from 10 to three in the year since it began.

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The education grant program Race to the Top loses all its funding in the 2015 federal budget that Obama signed last week. Race to the Top began in 2009. The federal government has used the grants as leverage to prod states into adopting Common Core standards.

New York received a Race to the Top grant in 2010. Andrea LaChance, at SUNY Cortland’s School of Education, says locally, much of the Race to the Top money went to measuring student performance.

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A few protests were held in Upstate New York, the day after a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. decided not to press charges against a police officer who killed an unarmed teenager in August. It was a much more restrained affair in downtown Syracuse afternoon than the destructive protests outside St. Louis Missouri.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The Oneida Indians have announced plans to develop a luxury outlet center with about 60 stores at their Turning Stone Resort Casino.
The 250,000-square-foot enclosed venue also will add new restaurants and a six-screen movie theater to the resort in Verona in central New York. The Oneida Indian Nation on Wednesday estimated the addition will result in another 5 million visits a year after it opens in the fall of 2016, roughly doubling the number Turning Stone receives now.

Cortland County is experiencing a spike in the number of methamphetamine incidents, nearly doubling this year over 2013. Lt. Todd Caufield says there have been 34 incidents so far this year, everything from the discovery of meth labs to people finding discarded drug making supplies.

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The new education standards known as Common Core have brought big changes to New York’s classrooms. And to meet the new standards, teachers often have to find new techniques. So New York’s largest teacher education program is unveiling a center for innovative teaching methods, for Common Core classrooms and beyond.


ILION, N.Y. (AP) - A New York state lawmaker says another 126 workers at the Remington Arms manufacturing plant in the Mohawk Valley are being laid off.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney tells the Utica Observer-Dispatch that the plant manager told her 126 workers were notified Tuesday afternoon they were being let go.

In August, 105 people were laid off at Remington's plant in the village of Ilion, 55 miles east of Syracuse.

The layoffs followed parent company Remington Outdoors Co.'s February announcement that it was consolidating multiple plants into its new plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

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On November 7, 1939, George G. Raymond received patents number 2,178,647 and 2,178,648. The patents were titled: ‘lift truck’ and ‘pallet’. Or, in engineering speak:

“Two-faced pallets are used in connection with power-forked-tiering trucks. These power-forked-tiering trucks, we call them fork lifts today, not only transport the load but tier one load on top of the other. The bottom face of the pallet serves as a base for resting upon the load beneath.”

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A year ago, John Katko of Camillus was a federal prosecutor, putting criminals behind bars.  Today, he is Congressman-elect for New York’s 24th Congressional District.

Katko vowed to keep the promise he made on the campaign trail to work  with Democrats in Washington.  

Onondaga County Republican Party Chair Tom Dadey thinks that’s the issue that created Katko’s winning coalition.

In Syracuse, a new workshop is getting ready to open. It’ll be a place for anyone to come and sculpt, cut, weld or print. The Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney recently visited the facility, called a ‘Makerspace," as it was coming together.

Michael Gianattasio is a sculptor and metal worker by trade. But he knows his way around a 3-D printer, too. Like, the one set up here in the clean space of an old Syracuse factory building.

Central New York’s Air National Guard unit is moving closer to launching and landing its drones from Hancock Airfield in Syracuse. Commanders are promising no surveillance of citizens will be carried out.

One of the 174th Attack Wing’s remotely-piloted MQ-9s didn’t take flight Tuesday outside the guard’s hanger on Hancock Airfield. But it did taxi around for a few minutes.

Branch By Branch, Artist Grafts A "Tree of 40 Fruit"

Aug 14, 2014

“Grafting” fruit trees is a practice almost as old as fruit trees themselves. Mending branches from two different varieties of fruit is how we get hybrid fruit varieties.

But Syracuse University art professor Sam Van Aken is taking the art of graft to another level. In a make-shift tree nursery behind the school’s art building, Van Aken has been slowly grafting together what he’s calling the Tree of 40 Fruit.

"So these are what I call my stock trees, And the stock trees," says Van Aken.