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Embattled state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's intermittent campaign against pornographic emails on public computers is about to intensify. A spokesman for Kane said she'll announce a team of special prosecutors Tuesday morning in Philadelphia.

Warnings Over Credit and Gift Card Scheme

Nov 30, 2015
Better Business Bureau

After months-long investigations by the Secret Service in western New York, the feds have a warning for consumers and businesses about a scheme that uses stolen credit cards to buy reloadable gift cards.

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A human trafficking and prostitution sting operation between federal, state and local law enforcement yielded multiple arrests during this year’s New York State Fair. Many of the women arrested apparently became involved in prostitution because of drug addictions.

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Democratic state Senator Anthony Williams is calling on Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin and other officials to resign for their roles in the "porngate" email scandal. Williams met Monday morning with a group of community and religious leaders, including Philadelphia NAACP head Rodney Muhammed, where he showed them 10 of the emails traded among prosecutors, public defenders, judges and other members of the state judicial system.

Death Warrant Signed In Pennsylvania

Nov 16, 2015

An execution scheduled for next month will likely not take place, as a moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania remains in effect.

Kane Faces Trial On Second Perjury Charge

Nov 11, 2015
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Does state Attorney General Kathleen Kane remember promising to stay mum about old court cases That question is at the center of a new charge against the state's beleaguered top prosecutor. Kane has already been charged in connection with the leak of old grand jury documents to the Philadelphia Daily News. 

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The unusual state Senate committee plumbing the consequences of Attorney General Kathleen Kane's law license suspension got an earful from three district attorneys Monday, who all said they couldn't do their jobs without an active law license.

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Canadian police visited their American counterparts in Williamsport last year to learn more about how to deal with public resistance to shale gas development. After a protest against exploratory seismic testing in Rexton, New Brunswick turned violent, six members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) took a three-day trip to Williamsport in June 2014, according to documents recently obtained by the Halifax Media Co-op

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Pennsylvania's prison system will receive a million-dollar federal grant. The funds from the U.S. Department of Education will be used to identify offenders who are no older than 25 and at a medium to high risk of returning to prison. 

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When police officers decide which blocks to patrol, they usually look at where crime has happened in the past, and they rely on their own hunches. But a growing number of city police departments are now considering something else: the calculations of software programs designed to predict where crimes will happen in the future.