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The opioid crisis has touched nearly every part of society, including prisons. Cumberland County Prison Warden Earl Reitz says the most common items they're finding on people is opioid contraband - needles, little bags, or sometimes the addiction treatment drug, suboxone.

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- The state House has passed a bill to keep certain drug and violent crime offenders in prison longer. 

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SYRACUSE (WRVO) - Child advocacy centers across New York state can apply for $10 million in federal funding for their services. These centers provide an environment for child victims to tell their stories in a place other than a police station. 

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Law enforcement was forever changed after a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014. There are lessons to be learned from the incident, according to the police chief who played a role restoring peace after the police shooting of Michael Brown and the violence that followed. 

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- This past November, Republicans added even more members to their already-dominant numbers in Pennsylvania's House and Senate. 

Spanier Guilty On A Single Child Endangerment Count

Mar 27, 2017
Katie Meyer

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- Former Penn State President Graham Spanier has been found guilty of one count of child endangerment. 

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- After over six hours of discussion and several questions to the judge, the jury in former Penn State President Graham Spanier's child endangerment case ended its first day of deliberation without a verdict.


HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- In the Dauphin County Courthouse, the child endangerment case against former Penn State President Graham Spanier is entering its second phase. The prosecution has rested, and now it's the defense's turn.

This week, former Penn State University president Graham Spanier is in court for his role in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. This trial is one of the final chapters in a legal saga that has stretched since Sandusky was arrested in 2011. 


HARRISBURG (WSKG) - The first full day of testimony has ended in the trial of former Penn State President Graham Spanier.