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Dimock Resident Takes Stand Against Cabot Oil And Gas

Feb 24, 2016
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Scott Ely has lived his entire life in the rural area of Susquehanna County that has made Cabot Oil and Gas one of the most successful drillers in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. The region surrounding Dimock is what’s known as the “sweet spot,” breaking records with gushing shale gas wells and spurring an upswing in interstate pipeline construction.

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 Although data can be a powerful tool in the argument over policies to address gun violence, approaches to collecting and using data across local police departments are inconsistent. A call to the Erie Police Department comes back with the number of guns taken off the streets in the last few years.

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Although the Latino population is growing quickly in many cities, making up 40 to 60 percent of the population in some cases, police departments trying to hire Spanish-speaking officers are facing challenges.  With tight budgets, strict state laws and a shrinking pool of qualified applicants, it's going to take creativity to reach the numbers they want to see.

PA Embarks On Review Of Its Criminal Justice System

Feb 19, 2016
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State and local government officials are going to school on Pennsylvania's criminal justice system in an effort to cut costs and crime.

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The state House has scaled back a measure that aims to redefine how law enforcement could use DNA samples in Pennsylvania.

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About two months ago, federal, state and local police worked together to arrest a Harrisburg teen charged with helping the terrorist group ISIS. Today, Pennsylvania's senior U.S. Senator Bob Casey visited the city to highlight the work. Casey says coordination is key in the fight against terrorist groups, and praised the work of law enforcement, especially at the local level. But the Democrat also turned his attention to day-to-day policing.

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Instead of prosecuting people who are addicted to drugs, the Broome County District Attorney’s office is helping place people in treatment programs. People who are addicted or their family members can call the DA’s office and they’ll find a spot at one of 150 treatment centers in Florida, California and Hawaii.

David Sweat Apologizes For Escaping

Feb 3, 2016
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(NCPR) David Sweat, a convicted murderer who broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora last June, said he is remorseful about the escape.

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A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision could give more than 2,000 people serving life sentences for crimes they committed as juveniles the opportunity for parole, including hundreds of Pennsylvania offenders. 

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More than 1,500 inmates nationwide could be affected by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that bans mandatory life sentences without parole for juvenile offenders.  Nearly one third of these are in Pennsylvania, with a majority in Philadelphia.