Ben Allen

A 50-mile drone corridor from Rome to Syracuse will be the center of the burgeoning unmanned aircraft systems industry in central New York. 

Why The Drone Debate All Goes Back To Avian Suicide

Nov 30, 2016
Ben Allen

The Federal Aviation Administration is due to release rules for drone operation over populated areas in a couple weeks. Interest is high in many sectors, including local government. 

New Registration Requirement For Drones

Oct 20, 2015

The federal government is requiring many drone aircraft to be registered. Officials say this comes after a growing number of reported close calls and incidents that pose safety risks. Marty LeChance operates drones for his business, UAV Imaging Services.

Tom Magnarelli, WRVO

A coalition of peace organizations are making a 165-mile walk from Syracuse’s Hancock Air Base to the Niagara Falls Air Base, to bring attention to the military's drone operations that take place there. One of the goals is to educate the public on what it is like being in Afghanistan, where the fear of drones is a part of life for many.

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The Air National Guard wants to fly remotely piloted aircrafts out of Hancock Field at the Syracuse International Airport. The change would save time and money, as the National Guard has to send its aircrafts to fly from Fort Drum because of airspace restrictions.

PA Senate Proposal Would Limit Drone Use

Jul 26, 2015
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A state Senate plan in Pennsylvania would curb the use of drones by state and local government.

Bureau of Land Management

The Canadian aviation agency, Transport Canada, has approved the flights of more than 300 small unmanned aerial vehicles so far this year, just in the northern region of the country alone.

"In Canada, as globally, UAV is exploding. It’s a huge growth area," says Joe Barnsley, an aviation attorney based in Winnipeg.

Central New York’s Air National Guard unit is moving closer to launching and landing its drones from Hancock Airfield in Syracuse. Commanders are promising no surveillance of citizens will be carried out.

One of the 174th Attack Wing’s remotely-piloted MQ-9s didn’t take flight Tuesday outside the guard’s hanger on Hancock Airfield. But it did taxi around for a few minutes.

FAA Clears Private Drone Use Upstate

Aug 8, 2014

Private drones have been cleared for flight over upstate New York, as part of a national testing program and the first flights will be used in agriculture.

The alliance of colleges and defense contractors known as NUAIR has been waiting for the Federal Aviation Administration to clear it for takeoff for most of the year.

NUAIR and upstate New York is one of six remotely-piloted aircraft test sites the FAA named late last year. It’s the fifth to get clearance to operate.