(Keystone Crossroads) School district enrollment levels have dramatically shifted in Pennsylvania over the past 25 years. Many rural districts in the western part of the state have seen steep declines, while many urban, suburban, and eastern districts have grown. In all, more than a third of the state's 500 districts have either grown or shrank by more than 25 percent since 1991. 

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After a three-day long faculty strike at Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities, the state system and its largest union report they have a deal. 

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(Keystone Crossroads) Some charter schools operate like islands — day-to-day they run independently of any higher or centralized power. Others contract with a management organization — sometimes part of a big network, sometimes not. Sometimes for-profit, sometimes not. 

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Members of the Academic Governance body at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry plan to hold a vote of no confidence in President Quentin Wheeler. Some faculty members have been raising issues about Wheeler's leadership for more than a year. 

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Thomas Short loves that his two sons attend St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary school in South Philadelphia. He says it makes a world of difference for his boys — fearing they would falter in a less structured environment. 

The test for law school graduates is presenting a challenge: the fail rate for people taking the bar for the first time in Pennsylvania has hit the highest point in history. 

 (Keystone Crossroads) The interactive map above allows you to see how each of Pennsylvania's 500 school districts would be affected if lawmakers chose to implement the state's new funding formula more rapidly. The new formula has been lauded for bringing a measure of rationality and fairness to the state's funding scheme.

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(Keystone Crossroads) In 2015, the Harvard Kennedy School decided to support Pennsylvania in creating Pay for Success programs. If Pay for Success sounds like bribing a middle schooler to bring home good grades ($5 for an A, anyone?) it’s because both transactions aim to incentivize results.  The former is just more involved than the latter.

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Faculty members from Pennsylvania's state university system are rallying over the continuing lack of a contract agreement. The professors at the 14 state-owned schools have been without one for more than a year, and negotiations between the system and the union aren't going well.

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The parents and children in Utica and seven other upstate school districts involved in the so-called "Small Cities Lawsuit" say their fight for obtaining more education funding is not done yet.