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The dust has settled on the 2016-17 Pennsylvania budget, and, as usual, debates over education funding and policy dominated much of the negotiations. Last year this time, Democrats and Republicans were still miles apart on budget talks, and it took until March to come to resolution. This year, a final deal was hashed out a mere 13 days late. 


While it’s summer vacation for school children, leaders of New York’s rural schools are worrying about the new school year, and say they are squeezed by a tax cap and other factors.

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A bill that would substantially revise Pennsylvania's charter school law for the first time since its inception nearly twenty years ago is being hotly debated in the capitol.  Charter school advocates are couching the bill as a fair compromise, while traditional school advocates say it's an unwise overreach.

For the low-income students who normally rely on their school cafeterias for a nutritious meal, summer vacation could mean they don’t eat lunch.

Fewer than 10 percent of students in the United States who receive free and reduced lunches during the school year get to sites that serve lunch in the summer. The lack of a midday meal can have a lasting effect on students’ health and ability to learn.

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It’s been 10 years since New York’s highest court ordered that more state money be paid to schools with the poorest children. But advocates say that since the 2006 ruling, many so-called high-needs schools have fallen even further behind.

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New York may soon be the first state in the nation to require lead testing for water in schools. 

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The Waverly School District hopes residents will approve a revised budget when they revote tomorrow. 

Why would she teach preschool when she could make a heck of a lot more money teaching kindergarten? It's a question I've heard over and over again reporting on education. In some places, we pay early childhood teachers less than fast-food workers, less than tree trimmers. As a country, we've acknowledged the importance of early learning and yet, when you look at what we pay those educators, it doesn't add up.

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(WXXI) Senator Chuck Schumer is promoting bipartisan legislation to close what he calls a "gaping hole" in the federal law.

Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a new formula for distributing state education money. As a general rule, public school money that comes from the state is meant to help level the playing field for districts who have a harder time generating local revenue.