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The Floods of 2011

Oct 14, 2011


The record flooding this month affected tens of thousands of residents in the Southern Tier, with damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Two special Community Conversation programs addressed the floods of 2011, with updates from Conklin, Binghamton, Vestal, FEMA and more.


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Water Conservation

Aug 9, 2011

 Water is one of our most vital resources, yet we often take it for granted. In the face of declining fresh water supplies, climate change, environmental threats, and a rising global population, the focus on water conservation and management will become increasingly important. 

The Green Economy

Apr 20, 2010

The development of a green economy is at the forefront of President Obama's domestic agenda, and many say that developing a green economy is a key part of the nation's recovering economic health. While there has been an increased focus on green ideas and initiatives over the past few years, there are still many more questions about where we go from here. How do we transition from ideas into action? How will the workforce adapt to take advantage of clean technologies? How do local policymakers respond to these initiatives? Just how necessary is this green economy?

Sustainable Living

Jan 23, 2009