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Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP

(KEYSTONE CROSSROADS) - Most Pennsylvania counties won't hold jail inmates for Immigration and Customs Enforcement without a warrant. They basically can't due to the liability potential established by a 2014 federal court decision

Susan B. Anthony Letters Recovered From Old Barn

Mar 30, 2017

ROCHESTER (WXXI) -  A college in Susan B. Anthony's New York hometown has acquired a trove of 19th-century letters she wrote to a fellow leader in the women's rights movement. 

ICE Apologizes For Mistakes In Detainer Report

Mar 27, 2017
Bryan Cox/ICE

Immigration authorities say data problems caused inaccuracies in a recent compliance report, and apologized to one Pennsylvania county Friday for the errors.

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - There are reports that at least two protesters were arrested after a demonstration outside the U.S. Border Patrol offices in Irondequoit overnight. Media reports say that a mother and several children were initially taken into custody in Geneseo, and that the children were later released.

Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP

KEYSTONG CROSSROADS - After President Donald Trump’s executive order, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were tasked with publishing reports on a regular basis showing how local law enforcement agencies respond to detainer requests, and what happens. 

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Brighton Police report that shortly after 10am Sunday, the Jewish Community Center received a number of threats via email stating that there was an explosive device planted in the facility.

Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been increasingly present in multiple Central Pennsylvania cities in recent weeks.  The activity has been affecting entire communities, according to advocates and attorneys in the area. 

Israeli official visits Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

Mar 10, 2017
Caitlin Whyte / WXXI

ROCHESTER (WXXI) - The Israeli Consul General  in New York, Dani Dayan met with Mayor Lovely Warren and CEO of the Rochester Jewish Federation Meredith Dragon on Thursday afternoon 

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

NEW YORK (AP & WXXI) - The Anti-Defamation League and several Jewish community centers across the country got a new round of bomb threats Tuesday, prompting a school in Chicago to evacuate and adding to the scores they have been plagued with since January.

Emily Previti, WITF

Imad Ghajar and his wife Marwa Hilani were born in Aleppo, Syria, met there, and didn't have plans to leave. Then the war happened.