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Julie Grant, Allegheny Front

While many of us have been enjoying the mild winter, it has some food producers double checking the calendar. For instance, March is usually prime season for boiling the sap from maple trees down into syrup. But at the farm Nathan Goodell’s family has worked for seven generations in northeastern Ohio, record-high winter temperatures have pushed everything way ahead of schedule.


ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Members of the New York Farm Bureau are in Washington talking about their priorities with the state's congressional delegation. At the top of their list is immigration reform. 

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Many downtowns in the Southern Tier are food deserts, according to the USDA.

Downtown Hornell and Binghamton don’t have a major grocery store nearby. City leaders in Oneonta have considered enticing a grocery store to their city center.

However, it's not likely to happen for a few reasons, said Susan Bradbury, community planning professor at Iowa State University.

First, the markup on the food stores sell is slim. That means they need a few acres of ground space to make money.


ROCHESTER (WXXI) - Thousands of people were expected to take part in protests across the country today in response to the immigration policies of the Trump administration. 

"World's Largest" Gun Show Opens Tomorrow

Feb 3, 2017
Ben Allen, WITF

HARRISBURG (WITF) -- An event that bills itself as the world's largest outdoor show opens up Saturday in Harrisburg. The NRA expects 200,000 people to visit the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. This is the fourth year the NRA is running the Great American Outdoor Show, after the previous operator faced a boycott when it wanted to ban certain guns after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The Allegheny Front

Chances are, all that leftover food from your office party or wedding might end up in a dumpster—and eventually the landfill. Unless a hero swoops in. Because it’s the 21st century, that hero is a new app. It’s called Food Rescue Hero, and 412 Food Rescue—a nonprofit in Pittsburgh—has been working with local developers over the past 18 months to get it off the ground.

Gas Industry Talks Pipelines At PA Farm Show

Jan 13, 2017

Pennsylvania’s natural gas pipeline building boom is happening mostly in rural areas, which is one of the reasons representatives from the oil and gas industry were at the 101st Farm Show in Harrisburg this week. 

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An expansion of industrial hemp farming was one of Governor Cuomo’s proposals Wednesday at his regional State of the State address in Syracuse. 

Tom Magnarelli, WRVO

(WRVO) For the last four years, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said she has been trying to create five food hubs to help centralize food processing and distribution upstate. Gillibrand said one food bank in Rochester is stepping up its operations and she wants one in Syracuse to do the same. 


Governor Cuomo has vetoed a bill that would have given farmers a tax credit for giving food to food banks.