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(WRVO) Each year, ports on the Great Lakes dredge tons of material to keep shipping lanes open. But disposing of the spoils is a big problem. The Port of Toledo has a creative approach: farming.

Farm Bureau: NY Drought Worst in Generations

Sep 2, 2016

(WXXI) New York farmers are experiencing the worst drought conditions in generations, and while the industry may suffer a setback, it will persevere. That's from Dean Norton, the President of the New York Farm Bureau, a lobbying group for agribusiness.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Scientists with the Cornell Cooperative Extension are experimenting with a late-summer oat crop.  They say it may help farmers during a drought like the one parts of New York state are experiencing now. The oats could give farmers one last chance to stock up on feed for their livestock.

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(WXXI) The final verdict won't be in until after the harvest, but New York apple growers are expecting a below-average crop yield this fall.

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Tastykake, Hershey's, Utz potato chips—the list of snacks produced in Pennsylvania reads like the lunchbox of a kid who was left to pack it unsupervised. The state does a lot of snack food manufacturing, agreed Winifred Mc Gee, who specializes in agricultural entrepreneurship at the Penn State Extension.

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A new report from the Food and Health Network of South Central New York on food insecurity among children shows a big gap in how many kids eat free lunches during the school year and during the summer.

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(WRVO) There’s good news for barley farmers in central New York and other parts of the state. The federal government will begin offering crop insurance for the grain that is an essential ingredient for brewing beer.

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For many kids, school meals provide the only food they eat all day. During the summer, districts often continue serving lunches. But many kids do not have enough food to eat over the weekend. In Tioga County, there’s a program during the school year to give kids food for Saturday and Sunday, but none in the summer. A coalition of anti-hunger groups is trying to feed them.


(WRVO) Agriculture is an essential part of the North Country's economy. St. Lawrence and Jefferson County are among the top ten farming counties in the state. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand visited Watertown yesterday to speak with farmers about  new federal policies that could help them prosper. 

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The north side of Binghamton is a food desert. There hasn’t been a grocery store there in 20 years. Both residents and city officials want a grocery store in the area, but it’s a tough sell to companies.