The term 'income inequality' is everywhere and is shaping up to be a significant factor in this year's presidential election. What is income inequality? Can it be fixed? 

2011 has been called 'the year of the protest.' Time Magazine's Person of the Year was 'the protester.' Across the world, people are fed up and taking their frustrations to the street. 

On June 24th, New York became the sixth state in the country to legalize gay marriage. While many view the Marriage Equality Act as a significant victory, many others are quick to point out that the fight for same-sex civil rights is far from over.


May 31, 2011

New York's redistricting process often inspires bitter partisan battles, and critics say the process is in dire need of reform. Some lawmakers have introduced a plan to take the redistricting process away from the state legislature and put it into the hands of an independent commission, a plan favored by a number of non-profit groups across the state.

The Census

Feb 23, 2010

The United States Census is a decennial census mandated by the United States Constitution. The population is enumerated every 10 years and the results are used to allocate Congressional seats (congressional apportionment), electoral votes, and government program funding. Some states or local jurisdictions also conduct local censuses.

Health Care Reform

Dec 1, 2009

While the debate on health care reform is taken up in the Senate this week, many Americans are still unsure about what kind of reform is needed, or how the proposed legislation might affect them. On tonight's Community Conversation, we'll talk about the physician's role in health care reform, whether or now the single-payer system is still an option, and how the legislation might affect you.

Prevention Pays

Jan 23, 2009

Curing Medicaid

Jan 23, 2009

The purpose of Medicaid is very simple and compassionate: people who cannot afford health insurance or have a disability should be able to receive medical care when they need it.  The working reality is more complex.  Medicaid was created in 1965 along with Medicare for the elderly as part of the social safety net. Its recent history and current issues can be found at the New York Times website. It has three major components: 1.    Health insurance for poor people, including parents with low incomes and their children. 2.    Long-term care for the elderly. 3.