PA's Low On Cash, May Need To Borrow

Jun 8, 2017

HARRISBURG (WSKG) - Pennsylvania's two top fiscal officers sent out a strongly worded letter to legislators and the governor Wednesday, warning them that the commonwealth's finances are dangerously strained. 

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- The state House of Representatives quickly introduced and passed a sweeping new gambling bill Wednesday evening, which would significantly expand the industry. 

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- GOP lawmakers and the Wolf administration have renewed their sparring over state government regulation, butting heads on environmental rules. 


HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- An impassioned group of advocates and lawmakers are pushing for two controversial pieces of legislation that would make it harder for women to access abortion services in Pennsylvania. 

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(Harrisburg) -- June has arrived, and that means it's budget season at the Capitol. Upwards of five hundred people crowded into the state Capitol rotunda for a rally on Monday, filling the steps and the upper floors, all chanting for a budget that funds health, human services, and education. 

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- After a recent audit found significant accounting, technology, and funding issues in the commonwealth's unemployment compensation system, the Wolf administration is attempting to correct its course. But it's not going to be an easy--or quick--process. 

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- Thanks to months of behind-the-scenes negotiation, a significant pension bill is on a fast track through the state legislature. It easily passed the Senate Monday, though even its supporters acknowledge that it doesn't come close to fully fixing Pennsylvania's pension woes. 

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The New York State Legislature is back at the Capitol for three weeks of meetings before the session ends later in June.  A number of advocacy groups say there’s an opportunity for lawmakers to act to address some of the harm that they say President Donald Trump’s policies are causing. But divisions in the Legislature may hinder any chance of achievements.

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- State senators gathered in the Capitol on Sunday evening to move a bill that's been dogging the legislature for the last four years, in various forms. 

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Supporters of a constitutional convention in New York say the amendment deserves prominent placement on the November ballot.