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High out-of-pocket costs may prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for patients seeking medical marijuana. While the treatment has been legalized, the state has not set a price for it, and insurance companies will not be covering it. As a result, people like Angel won't have access.

At Monroe Community College, a conference called Safe at Home aims to help reduce injuries for people with developmental disabilities. Molly Clifford is the executive director of Community Health Strategies. She says, more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are moving out on their own.

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Thousands of people died from drug overdoses last year in Pennsylvania. But now, U.S. Senator Democrat Bob Casey is supporting the bills from fellow Democrat, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. One would increase funding for prevention and recovery services, while the other would allow doctors to treat more patients with medication to get them off painkillers or heroin

With his ambulance sirens blaring, Edmund Hassan speeds to a home in South Boston after getting a call that someone there is unconscious. He's deputy superintendent of Boston Emergency Medical Services, and he suspects an opioid overdose. These days, he says, his workers administer Narcan, the drug that reverses that kind of overdose, roughly three times in every eight-hour shift.


State and local efforts are ramping up the drive to get more New Yorkers registered for organ donation.  Governor Andrew Cuomo declared Tuesday Organ Donor Enrollment Day. About half the national population is registered as an organ donor, but in New York it’s less than a quarter.


Shopping season for the Medicare Advantage plans is underway. In Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne Counties, the average premium for 2016 Medicare Advantage plans is $74 dollars, about a 10 percent increase over last year.


The Onondaga County Drug Task Force continues to look for ways to keep prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. A new pilot program launched this month will place them in the hands of police.

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The reading of a radiology scan - $130. 

A neonatologist pulled in to help - $793.

A surgeon who performed open-heart surgery - $32,000.

Imagine going to an in-network hospital, and walking out with a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars for services that are supposed to be covered. Pennsylvania's now scrutinizing this practice, called surprise balance billing.  The above examples are just some that were offered at a recent state hearing.

The federal government wants to curb the number of deaths from opioid drug overdoses. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hopes to make in-roads by funding intervention and prevention.

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One of the least expensive insurers on the New York health insurance exchange will be gone by the end of the year. Federal and state regulators intervened to shut down Health Republic Insurance of New York. With about 200,000 enrollees, it’s the fourth and also the largest co-op to get the ax this year.