NY State Launches Ads Against Synthetic Marijuana

Oct 27, 2015
Ellen Abbott / WRVO News

The state is airing two new public service announcements aimed at deterring people from using synthetic drugs. State officials say synthetics are more dangerous than some think.

Round Two, Doctors vs. Nurse Practitioners

Oct 25, 2015
Ben Allen / WITF

Does a nurse practitioner or a doctor see you when your sick? Those two groups are locked in a battle about the future of their jobs. Nurse practitioners want to be able to practice independently. Right now, they need a contract with physicians. But the Pennsylvania Medical Society and other groups say doctors get much more training.

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Lourdes hospital in Binghamton is sponsoring a day of free medical services tomorrow.

The idea for this kind of one-day free clinic -- called Medical Mission at Home -- originated in Tennessee. The idea is to reach people in need who don’t often visit the hospital or care center.

Sister Marilyn Perkins heads up Lourdes’ activities to provide services to the disadvantaged. She says there is a need for health care in the community.

"We have over six-thousand households that are assisted for services that they receive through Lourdes," she says.

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Some doctors across the country are starting to suggest that maybe there is a different way to treat a certain kind of breast cancer. Not all breast cancers are the same and the diagnosis of one type has has soared in recent years due to advances in radiology.

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New York will not be one of the states to adopt a new rule change to Obamacare. A law adopted by the feds early this month would allow states to redefine what constitutes a small and large business for health insurance requirements.

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A low-cost, low-co-pay health insurance plan is now available for low income earners in New York state. The Essential Plan offers ten health benefits for less than $20 a month for anyone making less than $24,000. Steve Wood of ACR Health said the plan is very affordable. "No deductible. Very low co-pays," Wood said. "I think the highest co-pay is about $150 for a hospital stay. Prescriptions: very, very low cost.

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It's a split decision for health insurance plans in the midstate. Of the 18 lowest-priced plans on the "silver tier"of the federal marketplace, nine are raising rates. But nine are reducing monthly charges.

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$501 million dollars. That’s the price tag for excess medical costs associated with the high rates of obesity in the Finger Lakes, according to a study by Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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A task force is making recommendations to slow the spread of a disease that haspopped up in nearly every Pennsylvania county. In fact, in just a year, Lyme disease cases rose 25 percent in the stateAmong the recommendations: a public awareness campaign, better tracking and research of Lyme disease, and education programs for healthcare providers. The disease, which comes after a tick bite, can linger for years in a person's body. 

As the heroin crisis worsens in some midstate counties, a health care professional is calling for changes in state law. Lancaster EMS Lieutenant Robert Patterson says his crews often end up administering naloxone to the same people frequently, after they refuse more comprehensive treatment when they're first brought to a hospital.