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The U.S. Senate plans to use procedural maneuvers to technically stay in session even when senators eventually go home for the Labor Day recess. Their intent is to prevent President Donald Trump from making any unwelcome recess appointments while they are away.

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One central New York state lawmaker doesn’t want to go into special session in Albany this month to vote on legislative pay raises, at least the way it’s being discussed now. 

Silver Found Guilty Of Corruption

Nov 30, 2015
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Ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been found guilty on all counts in a federal corruption trial.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - The leader of New York's Assembly has further revised the travel reimbursement policy for his chamber's 150 members with new restrictions when the Legislature isn't in session.

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NEW YORK (AP) — Prosecutors have upped claims against former New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in a rewrite of the indictment against him.

The government filed a new charge Thursday related to monetary transactions involving crime proceeds. The indictment says Silver transferred criminally derived money, in amounts greater than $10,000, into investments that are not available to the general public.

Prosecutors say Silver exploited his power to reap $4 million in kickbacks.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and Assembly Democrats announced a two way deal on ethics reform late Tuesday, that they say will require full disclosure of outside income for state lawmakers.

Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie say they will not be releasing details until later Wednesday, but Cuomo says he's very pleased with the agreement.

"I want to applaud  the Speaker and the Assembly for really stepping up and setting a standard never established before," Cuomo said."There's going to be more disclosure, more transparency than has ever existed in this government."

Cuomo says Assembly Democrats "understand the situation that the government is in." The former Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, was arrested in January on fraud charges connected to his earnings at two private law firms.

The State Senate has not agreed to the deal, but the public announcement puts pressure on Republicans, who lead the Senate to sign on to the pact. Passage by the Senate is required in order for the ethics deal to become law.