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(Harrisburg) -- Some 521 workers in the state's Unemployment Compensation program are slated to be laid off in less than two weeks, and the union that represents many of them is making a last-ditch effort to save some of their jobs. 

(Keystone Crossroads) The traditional narrative goes like this: After World War II, upper and middle class white families fled the inner cities for the suburbs. They were chasing the "American Dream" of white picket fences, two car garages and shopping centers you could drive to. The children of those Baby Boomers grew up, fought back and now, are moving back to the cities.  

PA State Senator Vows To Investigate Layoffs

Dec 6, 2016
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(Harrisburg) -- Republican state Senator Scott Wagner is filing a Right-to-Know request over the layoffs of several hundred state employees. 

(Harrisburg) -- On Wednesday night, it was dark and raining heavily in downtown York. But on the side of the road, a group of about a dozen people carrying union signs were undeterred, protesting outside of the district office of Republican Senator Scott Wagner. 

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence has reached an agreement with the state following an audit that alleged its senior staff mishandled money and physically threatened employees.

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(Harrisburg) -- Governor Tom Wolf's administration is touting a new national report on insurance compensation costs as evidence of the commonwealth's competitive rates for workers. 

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(Harrisburg) -- State Unemployment Compensation workers and the union that represents many of them are holding rallies across Pennsylvania this week, urging the Senate to pass one more bill before the legislative calendar runs out Wednesday.

PA's "Porn Report" Won't Name Names

Nov 22, 2016

(Harrisburg) -- For months, a certain report has been hanging over the state Attorney General's office. The Gansler Report--or as many know it, simply "the porn report" was ordered by former AG Kathleen Kane in an effort to find out if pornography or other offensive material was being exchanged on government email servers. 

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Governor Tom Wolf is dismissing the state Senate's reasons for not passing a bill that would have extended a line of funding to Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation call centers. Some Senators opposed the bill because they said it should have been handled four years ago.

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(Harrisburg) -- On the heels of a successful reelection campaign, Democratic state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is laying out an agenda for his second term. 

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A new report from the state Independent Fiscal Office lays bare some stark realities about the commonwealth's financial situation. 

A proposal for a $15 deed and mortgage recording fee awaits Gov. Tom Wolf's signature. The fees collected would go to counties, which would have to use the money to demolish blighted structures. 

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(Keystone Crossroads) Usually, inadequate representation lawsuits go like this: your lawyer does a bad job defending your case, you're found guilty, and then you seek a new trial on the grounds of insufficient counsel. It's a single response to a single instance of misrepresentation. 

Local Government Debt Overhaul Clears PA Senate

Sep 29, 2016
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The city of Harrisburg's near-bankruptcy led to Pennsylvania's first and only local government takeover, the ousting of a seven-term mayor and his pending criminal trial - and aggressive, expensive parking enforcement in the state capital. 

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Newly sworn-in state Attorney General Bruce Beemer didn't take long to make his presence felt in office. Beemer has made his first major personnel change, firing two top aides of former AG Kathleen Kane. 

Beemer Confirmed, Sworn In As PA Attorney General

Aug 30, 2016
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Pennsylvania now has its third state Attorney General in just two weeks. The Senate has confirmed former state Inspector General Bruce Beemer’s nomination on Tuesday. Beemer, who’s served as Inspector General since early July, was nominated for the AG spot by Governor Tom Wolf.

Wolf Nominates Beemer As PA's Attorney General

Aug 19, 2016

(Harrisburg) -- Governor Tom Wolf has nominated an interim state Attorney General, in the wake of Kathleen Kane's conviction and resignation.

PA's Fiscal Situation Sees Good, Bad News

Aug 18, 2016
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There's good news and bad news for the commonwealth's state government finances. The New York-based Moody's credit rating agency is upgrading the battered rating of a state program that helps school districts get more favorable loan terms by giving a guarantee to repay bondholders.  

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During his campaign, Tom Wolf pitched himself as "a different kind of governor." He made good on a promise to donate his salary to charity and refuses to drive a state car. Upon taking office, he swiftly enacted a gift ban for the executive branch and has been known to refuse freebies, such as a bottle of water.

PA's New Liquor Laws Going Into Effect

Aug 9, 2016
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The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is overseeing the rollout of what it calls the biggest liquor reform the state's seen since the end of Prohibition.

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s plan to save $150 million in state money by this fiscal year has exceeded its goal, netting a total of $156 million in efficiencies.

PA's CRIZ Tax Incentive Program Changes Roll Out

Jul 31, 2016
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Lancaster officials met for the first time this week since changes to the state's City Improvement & Revitalization Zone, or CRIZ, program were signed into law. When a CRIZ is established, the state makes note of how much tax revenue is generated by businesses within the zone.

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State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is planning an audit of how money’s being managed in Pennsylvania’s two biggest employee retirement systems. 

S&P Report Shows Good And Bad News For PA Finances

Jul 22, 2016
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After Pennsylvania went two days without a revenue plan last week, Standard and Poor's Global Ratings put its credit on its "CreditWatch" list. Inclusion on the list signifies a state in danger of an imminent credit downgrade.

PA Governor Signs Industrial Hemp Bill

Jul 21, 2016
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Governor Tom Wolf signed 15 new bills into law Wednesday, one of which notably legalized regulation of industrial hemp in Pennsylvania.

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The dust has settled on the 2016-17 Pennsylvania budget, and, as usual, debates over education funding and policy dominated much of the negotiations. Last year this time, Democrats and Republicans were still miles apart on budget talks, and it took until March to come to resolution. This year, a final deal was hashed out a mere 13 days late. 

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The state Senate voted Monday to approve an amendment that would undo parts of the state’s pending oil and gas regulations. SB 1229 is now in the House. The bill was introduced in May and initially pertained to horse breeding, however an amendment approved Monday restricts state environmental regulators from implementing some of their proposed regulations for Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale industry (known as Chapter 78a).

PA Budget Becomes Law; Some Lawmakers Cry Foul

Jul 12, 2016
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Pennsylvania officially has a budget.  The $31.5 billion spending plan is in effect as of midnight on Monday, without Governor Tom Wolf’s signature. But negotiations still aren’t finished on the revenue plan to back it up.

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf plans to let the state budget become law Monday at midnight without his signature. 

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Ten days after the state budget’s deadline, Governor Tom Wolf plans to allow it to become law at midnight on Monday, with or without an agreement on how to fund it.