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There are requirements at polling places, but help doesn't reach everyone who needs it. Elections have been hectic for Cesar Liriano for most of the nine years he's lived in the city of Lebanon. Presidential elections are craziest, but he's busy during the lower-turnout local and gubernatorials, too. 

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One of New York State’s sprawling Congressional districts is the 23rd. It includes Jamestown to the west, Ithaca to the east, and even goes north of Geneva.


(Harrisburg) -- Election workers in Pennsylvania are being inundated with questions about voter fraud and poll security as Tuesday draws nearer. 

Dividing Lines: How PA’s Elections Really Are Rigged

Nov 4, 2016

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly made claims that the election is rigged. In a way, he’s right. Only the rigging happens long before anyone casts a ballot on Election Day and in most places it’s completely legal. 

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(Harrisburg) -- For the past five months, the Keystone State has been something of a ground zero in the presidential race. 

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Whichever party wins control of the state Senate on Nov. 8, they will likely have to govern along with a breakaway faction of Democrats who have been key to the power structure for several years now.

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If the New York state Senate is controlled by Democrats after the election, taxing and spending policies could see some differences. 

Climate Super PAC Pursues PA’s College Vote In Presidential Campaign

Nov 3, 2016
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Climate activists are pushing hard to register millennials to vote in the hope that they will support Hillary Clinton, especially in Pennsylvania, a swing state that could play an important role in the outcome of the presidential election. 

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There’s a greater chance than ever that the state Senate could be dominated by Democrats after the Nov. 8 election, meaning many issues stalled in the Republican-led Senate for years would have a possibility of passing. 

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Election day is just a week away and New York's county boards of election are prepping for what's expected to be a large turnout. 

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(Harrisburg) -- A new poll shows Democratic US Senate candidate Katie McGinty with a 12 point lead over GOP incumbent Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania--with the election just week away. 

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(Harrisburg) -- It's been a tumultuous few days for Hillary Clinton.FBI Director James Comey's announcement about the investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee's emails has set off a wave of speculation Clinton could take a hit in Pennsylvania.

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Syracuse University professor and former Democratic congressional candidate Eric Kingson is doubling down on his criticism of Rep. John Kakto (R-Camillus), calling his claim to be moderate "smoke and mirrors." Kingson said he does support Democratic congressional nominee Colleen Deacon and would be willing to do more to get her elected. 

Judge Rules Against Babinec Ballot Line Suit

Oct 31, 2016
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(WRVO) A New York state judge has ruled against 22nd Congressional District candidate Martin Babinec in a case related to the party he created for his independent run.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, in the only debate with his opponent, said he’s “appalled” by FBI director James Comey’s actions, including  the decision announced Friday to re-examine emails from Hillary Clinton’s top aide for evidence of misuse of classified materials.


Oct 28, 2016

One of the midstate's congressional districts has been in Republican hands for the past six years. Republican Tom Marino has handily beat Democrats in the past two elections in the 10th Congressional District, with more than 60 percent of the vote. 

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It looks like U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer will be re-elected to a fourth term on Nov. 8, barring any major turn of events. He’s about 40 points ahead of his nearest opponent in the polls, and the bigger question now is: Will Schumer be the next Senate minority leader or majority leader? 

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(WRVO) Republican Rep. John Katko and Democratic challenger Colleen Deacon had their first televised debate Tuesday on Time Warner Cable News. The two candidates clashed on a number of national issues including how to defeat ISIS. Deacon said using ground troops should be a last resort. Katko said he would only support ground troops if the generals said that is what they need. 

(WRVO) The two candidates running in the 24th Congressional District converged in Auburn Wednesday to separately address the issue of toxins in Owasco Lake in Cayuga County, each trying to position themselves as better equipped to handle the problem that's affecting drinking water for voters in the region. 

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Hillary Clinton’s widening lead over Donald Trump is likely to affect down ballot races for Congress, where New York has several contested seats, and for control of the State Senate, where Republicans are barely clinging to the majority. 

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Governor Cuomo took a step deeper into the partisan politics of the State Senate Tuesday night, telling two Democratic factions they’ll have to work together if the November elections go their way. 


(WRVO) A contentious Republican primary is spilling over into the general election race in New York's 54th State Senate District.

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At a campaign event Tuesday, Broome County Executive Debbie Preston announced she’ll join with Suffolk County, New York in a lawsuit against the makers of opioid painkillers. 

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(WRVO) The race for the 22nd Congressional District, which includes all or parts of 8 counties in central New York and the Southern Tier, is considered to be one of the most competitive in the nation. That's partially due to the presence of a surprisingly strong third-party candidate, Martin Babinec. But high polling numbers are just one of the candidate's assets in this campaign. 

(Philadelphia) -- GOP incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty met in Philadelphia Monday night for a second and final debate. 


Republican Assemblyman Gary Finch will face a rematch in New York’s 126th Assembly District as he runs for re-election against Democratic challenger Diane Dwire again. The two candidates share similar concerns on the big issues facing the district.

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With less than three weeks before elections, Hillary Clinton is even further ahead of Donald Trump in New York State.