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It’s presidential primary day in New York state. But New York’s closed primary election process is creating a bit of confusion for some voters.

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Polls open at noon today in central and northern New York for one of the most contested presidential primary in New York state history. Both registered Democrats and Republicans will choose who they want to see as their party’s standard bearer in the race for president. The big push now is to get supporters out to vote.

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Three people are competing for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. In part two of our candidate profiles, we take a look at Katie McGinty. She's worked in both the private and public sector, and McGinty isn't shy to highlight that fact.

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Tuesday is not only New York’s presidential primary. It is also the day for two special elections to replace the disgraced former leaders of the state legislature. 

The next presidential primary battle has arrived in a state with one of the country's largest Asian populations.

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Hillary Clinton's top surrogates - her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea - made visits to Binghamton ahead of Tuesday's primary for president. Bill Clinton spoke at Binghamton University on Saturday, and Chelsea Clinton appeared downtown at the Lost Dog Cafe on Sunday.

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The campaign trail is blazing through Binghamton as another presidential hopeful made a stop. 

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Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz appeared at Binghamton's Forum Theatre on Friday for a conversation with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Cruz faces rivals Donald Trump (NY) and John Kasich (OH) in Tuesday's GOP presidential primary.

The New York State Republican Party’s annual dinner will feature all three GOP presidential candidates.  Likely, it will be the only time they will all be together in one place before Tuesday’s primary.

All five candidates for state attorney general have faced off at a forum in Harrisburg. It's been a low-key race for the state's top law enforcement official, with the presidential race and other contests competing for attention.

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A new poll finds that Bernie Sanders has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton in the New York Presidential primary race, but Clinton leads in key voting regions.

A pastor in Patchogue, Long Island has asked the Suffolk County Republican Party to move a Donald Trump fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow. Trump is scheduled to speak at a nightclub on the same street where Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was killed in a 2008 hate crime. Lucero was beaten to death by seven white teenagers.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to a packed crowd in an airplane hangar at Griffiss International Airport in Rome on Tuesday. Trump hit hard on New York’s economy and the political system.

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As he began a two-day campaign swing through upstate New York, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to a very enthusiastic crowd of around 3,000 at an armory in Albany. He got some of the biggest cheers when he called for nationwide ban on hydrofracking.

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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at a packed arena in Albany Monday night, where he was repeatedly interrupted by protesters.

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For the first time in 16 years, a presidential candidate visited the greater Binghamton area.


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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders visited Binghamton today, about a week before the Democratic nominee in New York will be selected. Thousands of Sanders supporters enthusiastically flocked downtown to hear him speak.

Here's a video pan of the crowd:

Wyoming is sometimes called the Equality State — it had the nation's first female governor and was the first territory to give women the right to vote. But that legacy isn't visible on the floor of the state Senate. Just one of the 30 state senators is a woman.

"I am the queen of the Senate. I have my own little tiara," jokes Bernadine Craft, a Democrat who represents the mining town of Rock Springs.

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(WRVO) Over one hundred Bernie Sanders supporters marched through downtown Syracuse Saturday. They rallied together with music and several chants in support of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Kasich Tells Upstate Voters He's Best Choice For GOP

Apr 11, 2016
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(WRVO) As New York’s April 19 primary vote approaches, Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich started his upstate politicking in Syracuse Friday night at a town hall at Le Moyne College. 

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(WXXI) Just how many people attended a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is open to a bit of debate, with estimates ranging from anywhere from 6,000 to about 9,000 people at JetSmart Aviation Services in Rochester on Sunday. 

PA Senate Candidates Debate Focuses On Young Voters

Apr 11, 2016

The Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate answered students' questions in a debate on the Penn State main campus Saturday night. With just over two weeks left until the primary election and amid tightening polls, candidates pushed their platforms in a debate at the WPSU studios in State College.

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John Fetterman is one of three Democrats running for U.S. Senate, and he's pitching himself as the one most closely in-line with what voters in his party want. Fetterman is mayor of Braddock, but is perhaps best known as a towering, bald, tattooed guy who wears loose untucked shirts. 

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(WRVO) New York Republican Committee Chairman Ed Cox said because the campaigns in both the Republican and Democratic races are so close, New York could play a pivotal role. He calls it the state's New Hampshire moment.

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The Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate is heating up, and sparks are flying on a topic that’s always hot in Pennsylvania—fracking.  At a debate this week, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and former congressman and Navy Vice Admiral Joe Sestak both tried to brand their opponent, Katie McGinty, as a friend of fracking.

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(WXXI) With primary day just around the corner, presidential campaigns are going to be hitting New York hard with political advertising.

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Former President Bill Clinton spoke early Tuesday evening to a packed union hall in Rochester, in support of his wife, the Democratic presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

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Fractivists, as anti-hydrofracking activists are called, hope to play a role in New York’s presidential primary.


Speaking to a crowd of around 2,000 who waited for hours in the cold to hear an address at Cohoes High School in the Albany area, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton focused on economic issues.  The Democrat says she’d push for rebuilding crumbling infrastructures, and mentioning the ongoing water crisis in nearby Hoosick Falls.

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(WRVO) Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will come to Albany Monday to meet with Assembly and Senate Democrats.