PA Senator Toomey Holds Last-Minute phone town hall

Feb 17, 2017
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Harrisburg (WSKG) -- After weeks of constituents demanding more access, Pennsylvania US Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican, held an over-the-phone town hall Thursday afternoon. 

Ellen Abbott, WRVO

SYRACUSE (WRVO) - A nationwide protest movement applying pressure on lawmakers to resist President Donald Trump's agenda has reached central and northern New York. The coordinated campaigns are starting to target local members of congress by pressuring them to hold town hall meetings. 

Ellen Abbott, WRVO

SYRACUSE (WRVO) - The Syracuse chapter of the NAACP has concerns about the potential appointment of Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci as a U.S attorney. 

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SYRACUSE (WRVO) - Supporters of President Donald Trump crashed an Obamacare rally hosted by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner on Tuesday. Protesters worried about losing the Affordable Care Act were met by some who are encouraged by Trump’s actions so far. 

Moriah, N.Y., is a tiny, sleepy place on the shore of Lake Champlain. Not so long ago, this was a major industrial port. Iron ore carved out of the hills here was packed onto train cars and barges. That iron ore helped build America's cities, but "then it all came to an abrupt halt," Tom Scozzafava says.

Scozzafava grew up in Moriah and now serves as town supervisor. He remembers the good times and he remembers the summer the good times stopped.

"1971, the miners — 600 of them — went home for their annual August vacation and they were never called back," he says.

Tom Magnarelli, WRVO

SYRACUSE (WRVO) - More than 200 protesters in Syracuse are calling on Sen. Charles Schumer to reject President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks. But some central New York Republicans said the president’s choices are fulfilling the promises he made on the campaign trail. 

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- At US Senator Pat Toomey's various offices in Pennsylvania and Washington, the phones have been ringing off the hook for days. 

Donald Trump's Inaugural Address, Footnoted

Jan 20, 2017
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Donald J. Trump will give his inaugural address shortly after taking the oath of office at noon today. Below you'll find a transcript of his speech with footnotes and context from NPR reporters and editors.


Katie Meyer

(King of Prussia) -- With Donald Trump about to officially become the President of the United States, many who oppose him are looking for ways to make their displeasure known. At least, that's according to democratic state Senator Daylin Leach, of Montgomery County. 

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While Washington, D.C. prepared for the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, more than 300 mayors gathered blocks from the White House for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. They chatted, they swapped cards, they exchanged insight on engaging seniors, dealing with hunger, and and how to pay for infrastructure.