Safe In Our Arms: A WSKG News Special

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Gun control is a hugely divisive issue in the U.S and upstate New York. But maybe there are other ways to make firearms safer. 

Join WSKG for the news special Safe in Our Arms, hosted by Crystal Sarakas.

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Individual segments:

The Current Gun Debate: 'Everyone Looks At It From Their Own Perspective.'

Mental Health And Sportsmen Communities Work Together To Prevent Suicide.

Personalized Guns May Be Coming To A Gun Shop Near You.

New York Resists Trend Of Offering Online-Only Hunter Education.

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- A plan to allow teachers to carry guns in schools is positioned for final vote in the legislature Wednesday.  

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) - The state Senate is considering a plan to allow teachers and other school employees with permits to carry guns at work. 

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- A GOP-proposed bill currently sitting in the state House is raising questions about who should be responsible for keeping Pennsylvania students safe. It would give districts the option to let trained teachers carry firearms at school.

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HARRISBURG (WSKG) - The Senate Education Committee has advanced a bill that would give schools in Pennsylvania the option of allowing teachers and other staff to carry concealed guns. 

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The technology and tools we use everyday are getting smarter - think self-driving cars and  appliances connected to the internet. Soon, personalized guns may be a way to prevent deaths. 

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Nationally, almost fifty percent of all suicides involve firearms. 

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Bill Stevens started day two of his hunter education class on a cold, Sunday morning in January at the Savona Rod & Gun Club in Steuben County. He played a video, then reviewed the tenets of what a responsible hunter would do in the field.